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Scary affordable Halloween ideas

Ryan Miller | Posted: Sunday, October 29, 2017 8:00 am

There’s no harm in preparing for the spookiest holiday of the year on a budget. Michael’s worker Mary Byberg shared some affordable Halloween tips to make the season just as amazing.

Glowing Jars:

Need: Mason jars/glass container, cotton balls, glow sticks

Disclaimer: Byberg says, “You can always ask restaurants for their jars if they have any they are throwing out and wash them. Moms and grandmas are good to hit up for that kind of thing, but beware! Some covet their jars like precious jewels and will not loan them out!”

1. Collect all mason jars and glass containers and fill them with cotton balls.

2. For an eerie effect, put some glow sticks instead to give the container a spooky look

“Do not forget to hit up the dollar stores,” she says. “Those stores have come a long way with what they carry. You can get quite a bit for $20 if you look hard enough. They often have door decor and garlands to hang, as well as pumpkins and various décor items.”

“Inexpensive witch cauldrons make a great holder for food and other items for you party,” she added.

Arguably the most important thing about a Halloween event is the costume, but many store bought varieties are on the pricier side.

“I have people ask me all the time what costume should they make, how do they make it, etc.,” she says. “The answer can be very simple: go through your closet, see what you have and what you can make of something in there. I am notorious for planning and throwing Halloween parties and not having one darn thing to wear. The 80s are always a good a viable option for a costume, [as are] nightgowns or PJs.”

“You can go as a very tired college student,” she says. “Depending on the amount of money you have to spend, you can really come up with some amazing ideas.”

If you’re struggling to think up a unique costume idea, she recommends taking a look through Pinterest.

If nothing sparks your interest, she says not to worry: “when in doubt, you can always dress up as a responsible adult.”  

Haunting Halloween décor on a budget:

1. Hay bales

2. Scarecrows

3. Floral décor

4. Orange or green bulb ($5 at Home Depot or Menard’s)