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Tuesday 12/07/2010
An interactive look at the Bush-era tax cuts

Now that the Bush-era tax cuts have been extended by the federal government for the next two years, many aren't interested in what could have happened. But The Washington Post provided readers with a very interesting interactive chart that outlined three different scenarios: the costs if tax cuts were extended to all, if the tax cuts were extended to everyone outside the wealthiest 2 percent, and lastly, if the tax cuts expired for everyone.

For those who don't know, there was much debate between the Democrats and Republicans when it came to which classes would receive an extension of the tax breaks. The Democrats wanted to extend the cuts to everyone outside wealthiest 2 percent of households. The Republicans wanted to extend the tax cuts to all.

In the end, the Democrats conceded in exchange for an exention of unemployment benefits through the end of 2011.

The cost of the plan is expected to be approximately $4 trillion (President Barack Obama's plan would have cost $3 trillion). "Check out this interactive graph from The Washington Post": and see how much you would have paid if the tax cuts expired at the end of the year.

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Wednesday 10/06/2010
WSU is a breeding ground for politicians

Michigan Democratic gubernatorial candidate Virg Bernero's visit to Wayne State got me thinking about all the ties the university has to the state's various elections this November.

Probably every other person on campus knows of Jocelyn Benson, the WSU Assistant Professor of Law who's running for the state's Secretary of State position. But did you know her Republican opponent, Ruth Johnson, received her master's degree here?

It seems to me that WSU is a breeding ground for future politicians. Here's a list of more current candidates with WSU ties:

-Casandra Ulrich, WSU Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations, Democratic state Senate candidate

-Scotty Boman, graduate degree in 1999, Libertarian Secretary of State candidate

-Ellis Boal, Juris Doctor degree from the law school in 1971, Green Congressional District 1 representative candidate

-Gary Peters - Juris Doctor degree and former professor of finance, Democratic Congressional District 1 representative candidate

-Leonard Schwartz - Juris Doctor degree from the law school in 1979, Libertarian Congressional District 12 representative candidate

-John Conyers Jr., Bachelor's and Law degrees from WSU, Democratic Congressional District 14 representative candidate

-John Stewart, Master’s Degree in Public Administration in 1973, Independent 7th District State Senator candidate

-Steve Bieda, bachelor’s degree and Masters of Public Administration and Masters of Tax Law, Democratic 9th District State Senator candidate

-Paul Gieleghem, Bachelor's degree in Public Relations, Democratic 10th District State Senator candidate

-Bill Gelineau, (unspecified, website only says "Riverview Community High School had many dedicated teachers that prepared me well for attending both the University of Michigan and Wayne State University", Libertarian 29th District State Senator candidate

-Debasish Mridha, completed medical residency here, Democratic 32nd District State Senator candidate

-Tim Bledsoe, previous political science professor, Democratic 1st District State Representative candidate

This list is just the tip of the iceberg. What other Michigan candidates with WSU ties do you know of?

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Sunday 09/26/2010
Homecoming King and Queen to be crowned this weekend ... did you vote?

It's that time of year again when a new King and Queen of Wayne State will be crowned during the annual Homecoming football game on Oct. 2. Question is ... did you vote?

Last week, my Facebook inbox received many messages with people asking for me to vote for them, to join their "fan page" or implore me to write them into the online ballot. I know I'm going to upset those people for what I'm about to say, but I didn't cast a single vote for anybody. Sorry, guys.

I can use the excuse that I was busy or that it slipped my mind, which are both true. But in reality, I just had a sense of apathy toward it. I'm curious to see how many people voted this year. I wonder if more people cast votes for the new King and Queen than did for the Student Senate elections, which was pretty sparse, too.

But in order to find out the winners, you have to go the Oct. 2 football game. And this begs another question: How many of you are going to attend the game?

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Monday 09/20/2010
Dysfunctional Campus

The other day I was surfing the Wayne State website like any news editor should be doing when I came across the home page of the facilities, planning and management department. Written in large script across the page were the words “Functional Campus.”

I laughed. I couldn’t believe what I saw. Any student who has had to deal with the mayhem of driving around Wayne State knows this campus is far from functional.

Warren and Cass look like post-World War II Berlin with all the demolished property. The Reuther Mall side of the Student Center looks like a prison courtyard with all the surrounding fences. As reported today by The South End, the Anthony Wayne Enhancement Project that was scheduled to be finished yesterday with the Drive Safe to Wayne Campaign is behind. And, of course, there are our crumbling parking structures that WSU decided to fix.

Regardless, the projects had to be done, but needed to be done during the summer. The required planning should have been done well before last May so construction crews could have started as soon as the winter semester ended.

Perhaps they have learned from the mess so far. If not, they should consider dropping the word planning from their department name.

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Sunday 08/29/2010
Couldn't have gotten here by myself

As I get ready to begin what's going to be my final year at Wayne State, butterflies flutter in my stomach and thoughts fill my head.

But one thought keeps coming back into focus: I couldn't have made it to this point without the help of my learning community.

There are several learning communities and study programs on campus, and each student should look into them. Whether it be the Center for Chicano-Boricua Studies or the Department of Communication's JIM program, there are associations for practically every student with any type of need.

Several of them will have tables on or near Gullen Mall at some point, so be sure to pay them a visit or check out their websites.

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Greetings from News Section

Despite this being my third year at Wayne State and as much as I dread the thought of returning to school all summer, there is always an excitement felt while watching the hectic move-in process along Anthony Wayne Drive.

In this week’s news section in the Back to School issue, available Tuesday online and Wednesday in print, we hope to bring up to speed students that may have missed some of the changes that occurred over the summer while also covering current news pertinent to Wayne State students.

Enjoy and have a great school year.

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Segway back into the school year

A lot of things changed over the summer on campus, the corner of Woodward and Warren seems: bare, and Anthony Wayne may never be the same. The best sight for me as a returning student is the new Mounted Segway division of the WSUPD. It's a return to the early 20th Century friendly police officer, mostly because its hard to be intimidating when you're having the time of your life on marvel of engineering.We're on our way to a modern Mayberry.

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Who the parking increase doesn’t affect

Students here at Wayne State will be paying 50 cents more to park in university lots and structures this semester. While I hate price increases and feel for those affected, there’s a part of me that just doesn’t care.

When I first started attending Wayne back in fall 2003, I paid to park. After a few weeks, I felt like I was getting ripped off. So I began to park on the street for free. Sometimes the walk is a little far, but I usually don’t mind it.

Sure, I may compromise security, but in an attempt to counter that, I almost always park on a main street (like Warren or Cass) and near other cars. Since I drive a 1996 Monte Carlo, there's a good chance there are cars nearby that thieves will find more appealing. I also take my CD player face with me. It’s the only thing worth stealing.

As you see, I’m not trying to ignore the threat. My car could get broken into whether it’s in a structure or on the street. And I’ll admit it’s way more likely to happen on the street.

But I’ll take that chance and use the three dollars to buy myself something to drink or a small snack. And if my car gets broken into, I’ll blog about it and everyone who parks in the structures can laugh at me; I’m a fairly good sport.

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Welcome back students and construction workers

The construction season in Michigan is endless. So far we’ve been spared big construction projects at Wayne but be ready this fall semester.

In a campus-wide email from Associate Vice President for Facilities Planning, which I’m sure most of us glanced over and promptly discarded, we are promised “over 100 new parking places” and “new historic street lights and pedestrian crossing lights called Hawk signals”.

Meanwhile, the construction on Anthony Wayne already began. Curbs will be demolished and center median dismantled. If you thought you beat the construction season at Wayne this year, you’re in for a few surprises.

Prepare for total closure of entrances to Parking Structure 2 along Anthony Wayne in October. As a consolation prize for enduring weeks of frantic freshmen rushing to their classes, you’ll still be able to enter the structure along the Lodge service drive.

Between dodging traffic for the first few weeks and finding a parking space throughout October, we can at least look forward to a couple of months in winter when the construction workers get a break.

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Sunday 06/27/2010
Manoogian fountain fizzles

If you're wondering why the traditional fountains around campus are bone dry, I think I've cracked the case.

Near Manoogian Hall, a lame, "why bother," geyser continuously spews forth water. As you read this, it is spitting up. Even some Wayne State police officers thought it was a broken water main or a fire hydrant unleashed.

If there's a purpose, I can't see it -- and any reason is beyond me.

Why is so much H2O devoted to this fountain, rather than the many beautiful ones that dot the campus? If said fountains' plumbing is broke, why not fix it?

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