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ELI World Fair builds international communication at WSU

Hunter Griffin | Posted: Friday, November 18, 2016 10:40 am

The English Language Institute hosted the ELI World Fair on Nov. 17, which allowed students to have the feel of a new country at each table.

This event allowed international students, who take English as their second language, a chance to interact and connect with American students about their nationality. 

Host of the event, Dean Michael Lynn, said this was the first year in a long time that WSU was able to participate in International Week, due to the lack of international students. This year, many countries and cultures were represented, including Kuwait, Korea, Egypt and Mexico.

Freshman Manolia Alfadhli, represented Kuwait and said she definitely likes studying at WSU.

“I just came here, and its been three months. I’ve become very social, so I made a lot of friends so far. My favorite memory was going to the Emagine Theater in Royal Oak, the cinema, it was the best,” Alfadhli said.

Young Jin Cho, a student from South Korea, said, “I think it's really good compared to my home University. I am in my third year here and I study mechanical engineering. I like just being able to travel here and hang out with new people.”

Some international students are in a program that allows them to study their major at WSU, while still enrolled in their university back at home.

“I am here for the exchange program, called the UGrad program, UGrad [stands] for undergraduate global, Egyptian student Omar Elkaradly said, “I am going to be here for two more semesters, majoring in computer science. Everything is amazing, and everyone here is so nice, well not everyone, but the majority of people are. I love being here, I arrived in August and sadly I leave this place on May 5.”

“The best part is that it gives our students the ability to communicate to American students using English. It builds friendships, and it's a way to get our students involved,” said Lynn. “A part of our job as the English Language Institute, is prepare students for academic, culturation, communication and activity study in the university. It makes students feel apart of the university.” 

Lynn said this event will take place again next year.

The ELI World Fair was a part of International Education Week, a nationwide celebration that focuses on the benefits of international education and preparing students for a global environment.