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Monthly horoscopes by Selena: May

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Posted: Wednesday, May 3, 2017 10:30 am

Mercury is leaving retrograde on May 3, so get ready for new beginnings after a month of reflection. The full moon will be in Scorpio, so prepare for high emotions and transformations since the scorpion is the sing of death and rebirth. These two things will make you blossom, just like the flowers this May.  


November 22 - December 21

May is your month to take a break from your usual go-go-go attitude. You have been pushing yourself for quite some time now, and you need a break to regain some mental stability, whether you want to take the time to do so or not. It’s not a bad thing to do nothing, even if you feel like keeping busy is a stress reliever. Sit down and think. Your life has been taking off continuously since the start of 2017, and your opportunities are beginning to tangle up. This time of self-care and sitting out will help you get more organized. This will allow you to be a better you and help you in finding a balance in your social, career and personal life. Just chill out for a second, you’ll feel the effects later.


December 22 - January 19

May is the month to get things done in both your career and social life, specifically regarding your romantic life. Things are about to get hot and heavy, and you won’t mind one bit. After feeling a little trapped and overwhelmed by this semester, you’re ready to blossom in the spring and summer sun. May will be the month to get your flirt on or pursue someone you’ve been keeping your eye on, but you can’t get too distracted in the love game. May is also the time to tackle your current to-do list and try new things. Have you been planning to get into a workout routine? Now is the time to start. This month will be great for fresh starts and will help make you feel more comfortable with your place in the world.


January 20 - February 19

May is a time to stop and be appreciative of what’s going on in your life. In your brain, your past and future will come together in harmony. As you reflect on what has happened, it will lead you to a clearer path of where you want to end up. You may want more right now, but those around you will be wishing for what you already have, so stay humble. If you don’t, you could stumble into drama within each aspect of your life as a result of pushing too hard to reach things that aren’t even there yet. If you keep a thankful attitude, the place you’re at right now will only get better. If opportunities do come to you this month, branch out and take risks. It’s never good for your free spirit attitude to fall into safe places. New and exciting things are coming your way, and you need to take advantage of and appreciate them before they disappear.


February 19 - March 20

This month of May will still focus on your financial stability. New moves are in store for the future, and you need to save up your money for that instead of indulging in sushi twice or four times a week. Also, pay attention because people you know will be in the mood to share secrets with you. These could even come from a potential roommate, so listen carefully because their secrets can uncover a reason for why you shouldn’t move in with them. Just make sure to watch your back this month and take time to really get to know the people around you. See if they’re trying to build you up or tear you down. This will help you find a better understanding of who you are as well and how you handle situations.


March 21 - April 19

Intense conversations are expected to occur throughout the entire month, and you may walk away from them feeling refreshed or upset. Pay attention to how you respond in these conversations, because answers to questions about your life can be revealed, whether it be from deciding where you want to live next year, to even transferring schools or to applying for a new job. If you find yourself leaving a conversation having learned nothing but the feeling of real anger, find a way to express it instead of bottling it up. Pick up kick boxing or ride your bike at high speed as far as you can go. Find something that will make you take a breath. You put up with too much sometimes without letting it go.


April 20 - May 20

May is your month to evaluate your self-worth and to make sure you are doing things for you instead of doing things for others. You must sit back and look at all sides of a situation whether it be in your personal, social, home or career life. If you act on your normal instinct, which is to be stubborn- don’t be upset, you’ve got the bull horns to prove it-then your state of living can become emotionally exhausting and negative. Even if you think you evaluated every aspect of a situation, do it again. Make sure you’re not being manipulated and double check to see if you’re happy with where you are. If not, it’s time to change things and have a fresh start, it will only help you in the long run.


May 21 - June 20

This month will have you feeling restless, which will have a lot of effects on your social life. You will be reconsidering who you want to be connected to and how they shape your image, so take a second to consider how people are benefiting you and how you are benefiting them. This restlessness will also fuel your creative energy, so it’s time to make some art and it’s time to talk about art with your peers. Read your friends poetry, write some of your own, pick up the paint brush and translate your energy into something cool. Don’t be afraid of failure with your art, it should solely be a practice of self-expression, so don’t expect it to look how you want it to. I mean, that’s what art is about anyway, right? Just feel your groove and find a new path through the people you interact with and the things you create this month.


June 21 - July 22

Mercury in retrograde left your social life in some turmoil last month, but May is going to be great for communication and will help resolve any problems you had with others, whether it be mending the relationship or cutting it out. You’ll want to take some time to yourself this month to help sort through your emotions. If you refuse to find solace alone, it will show in your relationships, and a month of clearing the air with the people you talk with could turn into a month of damaging the air even more. Use that time alone to find new creative habits. You’ve been in routine too long, and it could make you feel robotic in the future, so reevaluate some things this month to help push you into a better and more comfortable social standing.


July 22 - August 22

Keep your dreams in mind this month. Your home life and career life will be clashing, and you will need to pay extra attention to your gut and to the people who have been loyal to you to find a stable balance between the two. Maybe you feel like school isn’t working out, and you feel your place of work is sufficient to make ends meet, but sit back and think about if that’s really how you feel. Nostalgia will also strike hard this month and could keep you from progressing to where you need to be. You can’t get distracted by the appeal that things were better then and are okay now. You are at a transformative period in your life, and you need to push through. It will be better for you in the future if you focus on moving forward instead of settling in place.


August 23 - September 22

The decisions that were on the back burner last month due to Mercury in retrograde will be on your mind, and the answers you were looking for will start to appear. Your hard work has been begging for a payoff, and May is going to give it to you. This is the perfect month to finish up any major projects, apply to any dream careers and call the people you’ve already applied to. Responses should be abundant and will put your wandering mind at ease. It’s also a month to travel, so try to focus on finishing up your responsibilities at the beginning of the month, so you can experience something new at the end. The combination of tackling your major responsibilities and branching out to see something new will give you a clear and open mind to a new beginning that’s coming soon.


September 23 - October 22

May is the month of temptation and the summer fun looks too good after that long semester. You’ll be in the mood to forget about your responsibilities and party, but it’s not the time to overindulge. Practice things in moderation this month to avoid arguments and getting yourself into financial holes. It’s also a month to learn something new, so even though you really want to let loose, it’s time to give yourself some structure. Sign up for a class or tackle that list of sweet documentaries to feed your brain with some new information. Doing this will allow you to manage your time and control the party animal inside you. It will create a balance that will allow you to enjoy the practical and extreme situations May has in store for you.


October 23 - November 21

Because Mercury is moving out of retrograde, the full moon is moving into your sign during the second week of this month. This will make all your loose ends and questions get resolved. Anything that you have been debating-whether it be deciding your major or even maintaining a relationship with someone- will have an answer. May is the month to get closer to those you want to keep in your life and is also the time to let people go who just are not cutting it anymore. This is a transformative month, so you’ll be craving validation and advice from the people around you. Listen closely to all the words said to you, but in the end still trust your intuitive gut because it rarely steers you wrong.

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