VWT Blog #3 - Liam Wilson from The Dillinger Escape Plan

Liam Wilson and the Dillinger Escape Plan played on the Vans Warped Tour main stage in Detroit July 30.

The Dillinger Escape Plan is one of the most intense groups I’ve ever listened to. Their hard, “math-metal” style is very distinct, because of both the music and the vocals.

Before they played the main stage at 3:55, photographer AJ Manoulian and I spoke with bassist Liam Wilson, 30, near the press tent.

The group’s style has got to wear them out, playing and writing so much intense, rowdy metal. For a variety of reasons from changes in viewpoints to changes in lifestyle, the band has changed members; they’re current singer, Greg Puciato, is their third and so is their drummer, Billy Rymer.

“It’s definitely hard to replace members,” Wilson said, “you got to find somebody who can play it, who wants to play it, who you can get along with and who gets it. There’s a lot of people who can play it technically, but they mss the ‘punkness’ of it.”

That is, they don’t have the right attitude or style the band is looking for.

“We’re not trying to get somebody who’s going to fill shoes so much as somebody who’s going to take us to that next level,” Wilson said.

Even after all the changes, however, he said he believes the band’s current lineup can d that and more.

“We’re all basically in the band to make the record that we can’t find, that doesn’t exist yet and that we want to hear and hopefully people want to hear that record too,” Wilson said.

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