A Wayne State student discovered a white supremacist sticker on top of an electrical box in the Scott Hall cafeteria Friday Oct. 4, according to officials at the Wayne State School of Medicine.

It was a single round sticker, about the size of a quarter and displayed a coded symbol used by hate groups, Associate Director for Communications at the School of Medicine Philip Van Hulle told The South End.

The student used their phone to take a picture of the sticker and emailed it to Dean of the School of Medicine Jack Sobel along with information about what he had found and where and when he found it, Van Hulle said.

“While small in size and placed in a rather innocuous location, such symbols, and the hate and intolerance they represent, have no place at our School of Medicine,” Dean Sobel, said in a statement emailed to students and faculty on Oct. 7.

“These types of action will not be tolerated, and are grounds for immediate dismissal. President Roy M. Wilson and I will not allow such incidents and the small-mindedness and hatred of those who perpetrate them to intimidate us or deter our mission and core values of openness, acceptance and celebration of diversity.”

The School of Medicine hosted a town hall meeting in the Jaffer Lecture Hall to discuss the issue on Oct. 8.

At the meeting, Sobel recommended students not touch or tear down the stickers if they find them, but instead report them, so officials can take immediate actions and investigate, said to Van Hulle.

“These issues are right at the top of the dean’s list,” Van Hulle said. “He’s a huge proponent of diversity. He was born raised and educated in South Africa under the apartheid era and he refused to raise his family under those conditions and got out as soon as he could, so he’s sure not going to put up with it here.”

Wayne State police was not available to comment.

This is an ongoing report and will be updated as more information becomes available

Sean Taormina is the Features editor at The South End. He can be reached at staorm@wayne.edu

Cover photo by Mike Tokarz

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