During a Student Senate meeting on Sept. 5, Facilities Planning and Management said students will see the renovation of State Hall take place over the next few years. 

Sean Campbell, facilities planner at FPM, presented the proposed changes to the Senate and said the overhaul includes updating classrooms by making them quieter and more student friendly.

These changes are part of the Campus Master Plan — a guide for campus development over the next 10 years according to a proposal presented at a June 21 Board of Governors meeting.

Technology and sustainability are a priority of the renovation, Campbell said. Acoustic walls in bigger lecture auditoriums will work as dividers to create smaller classrooms. 

Campbell said the improvements will be completed by 2022 or 2023 depending upon funding. 

The submission deadline for funding is Oct. 30 and the decision will be finalized January to March 2020, Campbell said.

Campbell said the cost will depend on the amount of funds the project will retain after competing with other universities.

Tanya Clark, a custodian from the Mike Ilitch School of Business, said she would like to see the elevators improved as part of the renovations. 

“[The] elevators are too small (and) always break down,” Clark said. “A lot of the students don’t like to take the elevator, so they use the stairs.” 

Campbell said that the renovation will also include three new elevators. The third elevator will serve for disabled students and faculty.

The BOG approved of $4.5 million for the refurbishing of the elevators and for the addition of a third elevator shaft on May 1.

Taylor Clemons, a junior criminal justice student, said the halls were “gloomy” and said it’s hard to breathe in State Hall.

“It is like a coffin. Why am I in here? You are suffocating me, Wayne State,” Clemons said.

The Senate also established an on-campus polling station at the Damon J. Keith Center for Civil Rights during the meeting. 

President Stuart Baum said in an announcement on Twitter students can register by using their on-campus address.


The next Student Senate meeting is on Sept. 20.

To share ideas and thoughts to improve State Hall, email PlanSpaceMgmt@wayne.edu

 Other Senate business:

  • Body Cameras – Displayed by WSU Police Department to help report criminal actions and serves as a visual aid to keep all sides accurately accountable. They strongly encourage the change to take place mid-September.

  • Bus passes – Detroit Department of Transportation donated $750,000 worth of free passes over the course of several years. This change encouraged more students to use public transportation. This year Student Senate is looking to find long-term funding to sustain this program long term.

  • Sustainability Project – The placement of modern recycling bins that not only serve as sustainability improvement, but also educate students on how and what to recycle.  

  • CAPS (Counseling and Psychological Services) – With the help of Student Senate, WSU will be reforming heavy traffic and long waitlist issues. Addressing no-fee policy for students. 

  • Warrior Path Program – The promotion of an on-campus activity program that lets warriors to win prizes for simply attending university events. 

Cover photo by Xeyna Burdo

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