Wayne State Parking and Transportation Services sent out an email stating Structure 3 will no longer be in service.

"After months of negotiating, Wayne State Parking and Transportation Services was given notice Friday afternoon that we will no longer be operating Parking Structure #3," the email said.

The email states the building's owners wanted to go in a different direction and the structure will no longer be under PTS operation starting Oct. 28.

"At this time we are not certain who will be managing the building and structure or whether they will be open to WSU personnel or the general public," PTS said. 

PTS said the last day of operation is Oct. 25 and request everyone who is assigned to the parking lot contact the OneCard/Parking Service Center to change their parking assignment.

Structure 3 is located on 45 E. Warren Ave. between Woodward Avenue and John R. Road, according to PTS website.

To contact OneCard/Parking Service Center email onecard@wayne.edu.

Cover photo by Susana Hernandez