Wayne State is offering students $850 in housing credit if they move out by April 9, Housing and Residential Life said in an email.

Funds will be dispersed on students’ accounts, according to Housing and Residential Life. 

If students owe a balance on their account, the $850 housing credit will reduce the outstanding balance, the email states. If a student has no outstanding balance then a refund will be issued. 

The fastest way to obtain a refund is by setting up direct deposit through your student account, according to the email. If direct deposit is not an option then a check will be mailed to your house.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, university life and students’ day-to-day schedules changed. Along with transitioning to online classes, many on-campus students have opted to move out early and end their academic semester at home. 

Freshman biochemistry major Tejas Karun said he plans to move out early because he has a permanent place of residence. 

“For me the move out process has been alright,” he said. I’m not stressed or sad about it. I’m pretty content. I’m grateful for the memories I made over this period and I know I’ll make more.” 

He said WSU made time slots for people moving out, which he likes because it helps to practice social distancing. 

“One desire, though, would be they made this decision earlier so I could’ve moved out during spring break instead of after it,” he said. 

Alexander Belfie is a music technology student finishing up his freshman year. Until yesterday, he chose to stay put at The Thompson Home, which houses students from the College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts.

“I wanted to get my money's worth by living in the dorms and I was able to have access to facilities there, which were needed for some of my curriculum,” Belfie said. 

Currently, the resident advisors and a handful of international students still reside at Thompson, he said. 

Sunday, he moved back to his home in Romeo. The refund was the deciding factor that made him return, he said. 

“I was pretty happy down there. I had my own space. I had the utilities there for my schooling and it was a pretty good setup,” Belfie said. “I was pretty surprised. I didn't expect Wayne State to reimburse us like that.”

WSU Dining Services has also extended the expiration date for meal plans and unspent Warrior Dollars, the email states. Students who will not return to WSU in fall 2020 can email housing@wayne.edu to discuss refunds. 

Cover photo by Jonathan Deschaine.