Wayne State will have a pass/no pass grading option for the current term to ease the transition to online classes, Provost Keith Whitfield said in an email sent to professors. 

This option is only added for undergraduate classes and is a special addition for the winter 2020 term in response to classes being online. 

As stated by the Office of the Provost, course grades will still follow the ABCDF grade mode. However, depending on the student’s program requirements and the final grade received, the letter grade may be translated into a P for pass or N for no credit.

“The objective of these policy changes is to have the maximum possible benefit to our students within regulatory and related constraints. These policies will remain in effect, applicable to winter term 2020, until further notice,” the email said.

P grades used for this semester won’t count toward the maximum allowed by university rules.

“P grades elected for this term will be accepted for general education credit, but care should be taken to ensure that the P will satisfy all school/college/program requirements,” the email said.

One week ago an anonymous WSU student started a petition on Change.org, urging WSU to offer a credit/no credit grade option. 

Given the extenuating circumstances surrounding this virus and the move to online classes for the rest of the semester,” the petition’s summary states. “Wayne State University should move to make all classes for this current semester evaluated on a pass/no pass or credit/no credit basis. The classes this semester should have no bearing on any students (sic) grade point average.” 

As of today, the petition has 5,460 signatures with signers of the petition voicing their support in the comment section.  

Questions are being raised about how this new system may affect certain aspects like GPA and the weight of a P in regards to tuition reimbursements and other program requirements. 

While great effort has been made to ensure this policy will help the current situation, the university reserves the right to change it as the situation we are all dealing with evolves. Any such changes will also be communicated widely,” the email said.

Whitfield said in the email students will be receiving the announcement "in the next day or so."

Cover photo by Jonathan Deschaine.