A student who lives in Anthony Wayne Drive Apartments tested positive for coronavirus, according to a campus email sent today. 

The email states the student is currently in quarantine and will be safely moved to Leon H. Atchison Hall tomorrow.

"As in every confirmed case, professionals are analyzing this patient's contacts, and will be reaching out to those who may have been exposed," the email states. 

Wayne State reserved a whole floor in Atchison Hall for student-quarantine purposes, according to the email. 

Earlier this week, two WSU employees tested positive for COVID-19. One employee worked in the David Adamany Undergraduate Library and the other worked at the Children's Hospital.

A third case was reported of an employee who works in the Academic/Administrative Building (A/AB) building. WSU said the employee has not been on campus or in contact with any other Wayne State employees in a month. 

WSU recommends students, both on and off campus, to practice social distancing and abide by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines. 

Students who feel any COVID-19 related symptoms can call the Campus Health Center at 313-577-5041. For the safety of others, CHC states on its website that students who feel ill or exhibit any symptoms should not walk into the health center unannounced.