As the weather turns cold and the leaves begin to change, you may find yourself wanting to chill in front of the TV with holiday movies playing of course. However, don’t fall into the lethargic fall slump.

The fall season is just as important as any other academic semester and although downtime is necessary, it’s just as important to stay on top of your responsibilities and organization. Here are a few tips to aid in maintaining your productivity through the autumn season and beyond. 

1. Enjoy hot apple cider while you do some required reading

Let yourself enjoy all that the fall season has to offer, but do it while multitasking! Drink hot apple cider while reading or studying. You can also enjoy the scent of a fall candle while you work on homework for your classes, which can help you get through the required task. 

2. Keep a calendar

While you’re making note of your planned trips to the apple orchard or holiday events, keep track of due dates as well. Keeping a calendar, which includes both your schoolwork and your fun free-time plans, will make it easier to complete work that might seem mundane. By organizing your calendar this way, you’ll be able to focus on your schoolwork and look forward to some well-deserved free time. 

3. Surround yourself with support

Invite friends over to your place or the library to do schoolwork together; although you may occasionally get distracted, the company should motivate you to begin and complete your work. Plus, a break or two amidst a study session never hurt anyone.

4. Study outside if the weather permits

Throw on your favorite hoodie and head into the great outdoors! The cool fall weather will keep you alert and focused. The sights and sounds of the falling autumn leaves will relax you as you focus on the task at hand. 

5. Take breaks

Although staying on top of your responsibilities is important, it’s equally as important to take breaks and reward yourself in order to remain motivated and productive. Set goals for yourself and reward achievement with weekend plans with friends.

Utilizing these few tips can help aid you in staying on top of your work while still enjoying the fall season. Don’t forget to contact the Campus Health Center or WSU’s Counseling and Psychological Services if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed.

Hannah Peterson is the Campus Health Center's journalism intern. Peterson can be reached