7-Eleven and Uncle Joe’s Chicken Fingers will unveil their new locations on the ground level of Anthony Wayne Drive Apartments this year.

During its Feb. 1 meeting, WSU’s Board of Governors approved a 10-year lease with 7-Eleven — projected to open in August 2019 — and a nine-and-a-half-year lease with Uncle Joe’s Chicken Fingers with a tentative opening date of June 2019.

7-Eleven — the epitome of convenience stores and home of the Slurpee — will offer fresh vegetables and fruit that are typically found in grocery stores, according to a WSU news release. This particular 7-Eleven location will not sell any tobacco products or alcohol.

Uncle Joe’s Chicken Fingers, a locally owned business, specializes in fried comfort food such as fish and chips, chicken wings and chicken tenders.

Paola Gonzalez, sophomore global supply-chain student, said she thinks the eatery will be profitable but wishes the BOG approved a different restaurant.

“I wish they picked a smoothie place or something that is healthier for us,” she said. “We already have a chicken place in the Student Center that probably has comparable items. There’s nowhere on campus to get a decently priced and healthy meal.”

Gonzalez said she will only use the 7-Eleven if the prices are lower than Mad Anthony’s — located in the Student Center.

Mohammed Alsaif, junior electrical engineering student, said he’s excited for the 7-Eleven to open because of its variety of snacks and beverages.

“I can buy anything I want such as Red Bull, which Mad Anthony’s doesn’t have,” he said. “There’s a diverse body of students here, so I think both new food options are a good addition to our campus.”

The north and south wing of Anthony Wayne Drive Apartments are under construction until June 2019. Construction will add 400 beds to the apartment building and create a total of 26,500 square feet of retail space. Anthony Wayne Drive Apartments will also house the new campus health center in the fall.

Slone Terranella is news editor of The South End. She can be reached at gh7510@wayne.edu.