Wayne State celebrated finishing construction on Anthony Wayne Drive Apartments with a block party on Oct. 9 at AWD Apartments.

President M. Roy Wilson said Corvias, the company who partnered with Wayne in December 2017 to build AWD Apartments, exceeded his expectations.

“This partnership with Corvias has been not only great but when you really think about it, three or four years ago, when we first started this there wasn’t really much of a game plan or something that we could draw upon from previous experiences,” he said.

Wilson said there are benefits that come with on-campus housing which include student success and on campus life.

“All the data shows that students who live on campus do more activities on campus, they graduate faster, they make better friends and they get to know their teachers,” he said. “It’s all about student success.”

Board of Governors chair Kim Trent said she remembers when she was a student at WSU there weren’t a lot of options when it came to housing.

“As much as I loved being on campus there were no options to live on campus if you were an undergraduate student,” she said. “It’s so thrilling to see not only apartments, but the kind of apartments I wouldn’t mind living in at the age of 50.”

She said she’s thrilled to see students get the amenities that she thinks are the best a university in the country has offered.

Carolina Jacomini, current resident of AWD Apartments, said she enjoys them and the best part of the apartments is having a kitchen.

“The best thing is definitely the kitchen,” she said. “It’s a really good apartment. Expensive, but a good apartment.”

Restaurants opening on the first level of AWD Apartments were giving out samples to students throughout the block party. 

The restaurants include Leo’s Coney Island, Tubby’s Sub Shop & Just Baked Cupcakes, Beyond Juice, Uncle Joe’s Fingers and 1000 Degree Pizza will be opening by the end of December 2019 or January 2020.

Joseph Yousif, employee at Uncle Joe’s Chicken Fingers, said the restaurant is looking forward to opening on campus soon and said Uncle Joe’s Chicken Fingers is top quality. 

“Everything is fresh. Our chicken is double frozen and fresh cooked. Our quality is definitely there,” he said.

AWD Apartments are the newest addition to campus and are part of a $307 million partnership with Corvias, according to a WSU press release.

Corvias and WSU have a 40-year contract, which states Corvias is responsible for property and asset management, according to WSU’s facilities planning and management website.

Susana Hernandez is the managing editor of The South End. She can be reached at managingeditortse@gmail.com

Cover photo by Susana Hernandez


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