Dear readers, 

As you know, the coronavirus, COVID-19, has developed quickly in Michigan. In a matter of a week, our lives have changed. Classes are now online, some university events are canceled while others, like winter 2020 commencement, are up in the air. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer ordered restaurants, venues and other public places to close. According to the state of Michigan’s website, there are now 53 cases of COVID-19 with 30 test results pending. 

We understand your worry and frustration with the impact this virus has caused, and you might have many unanswered questions for the university. 

While most activities on campus have stopped, The South End will keep running. Due to COVID-19, our summer print edition will be put on hold until the spread of the virus slows down, and we will continue to post digitally.  

We feel it’s important for students, staff and faculty to know recent COVID-19 developments and any news pertaining to WSU’s campus. Despite the derailment to university life,  The South End will continue to provide our readers with day-to-day stories while also updating our community about COVID-19. 

In this current time, our staff feels it’s more important than ever to provide our readers accurate, local and relevant information. We strongly urge students to self-isolate and practice the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for COVID-19, which can be found here

Remember to not overflow your brain with constant bad news, this too shall pass. We wish you health and safety during these uncertain times.



Editor-in-Chief Slone Terranella and Managing Editor Susana Hernandez