In their second year, the AAUW: Warrior Women Coalition sets to hold their second annual benefit fall concert on Oct. 7 on campus at St. Andrew’s Hall. 

The AAUW mission is to educate, encourage and make a difference in campus community. According to their "Get Involved" page, their values are empowerment, diversity, inclusion and equality for all and the group provides opportunities for a coalition of leadership without hierarchy. Group member Andrea Ozanich says four bands have been picked for the event.

“We have four bands that have been playing around the metro Detroit area for years. They all have a really good stage presence, which will make for a very exciting show,” Ozanich said.

She says the concert last year was a success and the group received support from the Dean of Students Office to host it again.

“Music is something that can bring all generations together and we wanted to create something that nontraditional students and the community would be interesting in attending.”

Performances at the concert include sets from Timbre of Cedar, Fifth and Main, Ellis, and Shortly.

Alex Maniak, who goes by the stage name “Shortly,” is a junior art major at Wayne State. She says she started making music in the seventh grade and is a self-taught musician.

“Discovering my sound took a very long time. I actually just started this solo project, Shortly, in June,” Maniak said. “I felt left out. I started writing in a darker genre - something a bit emo, but I’d say its alternative indie, because it felt more like something that I related to, and that’s what my music is supposed to be for me.” 

For the concert, she says she has prepared songs she wrote to help her cope with the high and low points of her life.

“I did it because I was bullied and it was better to focus on learning the piano than doing my homework. I’ve experienced segregation and sexism so often first hand throughout my life,” she said. 

“I’m a pansexual woman writing in a primarily straight male scene of music,” she said. “I feel like I battle for that every day. I’m not a part of any large organizations, but I’m an active feminist, for sure.” 

Ozanich said the organization hopes to spread the word about the movement their working towards.

“It's very simple to join. We meet every other Friday in the Student Center. People can request to be added to our email list by emailing”

The AAUW: Warrior Women Coalition' second annual fall benefit concert is set for Oct. 7. At St. Andrew's Hall on campus at 918 Ludington Mall, beginning at 7 p.m.

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