“This show helps women to express their feelings and give them a platform to speak and share their experience and stories."

“Women” is an honorary exhibition for women artists in Detroit celebrating Women’s History Month with its sixth annual show at the Carr Center from March 11 through March 31.

Each year, the "Women" exhibit settles on a specific theme to highlight women achievement in art, medicine and more. This year’s theme is “Our History is Our Strength,” honoring strong women of the past who helped shape the life women can lead now.

A member of the discussion panel that will be held before the opening of "Women," Denyse Couture said, “In my opinion, with the current political climate, this speaks volumes. Women have fought hard for the rights we have. We need to make sure the bonds we share will make it very difficult for the current administration to erode those rights.”

Founder and curator of "Women," Myett Risker, said this exhibit goes beyond the standards of a usual art gallery.

“What inspired the 'Women' art show for me was six years ago the lack of resources for women,” she said. “I noticed that it seemed harder for women to break the glass ceiling versus our male counterparts. [The] 'Women' art show is a networking source disguised as an art show.”

Risker also said her mother guided her to make this show more about celebration over politics in order to relish in the uniqueness of women and their achievements.

Fine art photographer and film artist, Patricia Izzo, said, “I am always drawn to women artists and the shared goal of promoting our art and our message. Too many times, male artists are highlighted. It is my goal to promote us.”

“This exhibition is building on the ones in the past. All of them offer the same things: opportunities to connect, to scream or whisper our message, to support and raise up each other. I believe the main reason we show together is to take our place as artists,” she added.

Other artists, like Amanda Nordin, a fine art painter and previous metal artist said the support of the local art community is an element of the exhibit, too.

“I like to be in an area, especially in Detroit, where everyone is so supportive of artists, regardless of your gender, or your race, or your background or your medium,” she said. “As long as you’re doing it—that’s really what matters to people around here.”

"Women" is going to be especially exciting because it will offer the chance to meet other artists in the area and provide an opportunity to receive constructive criticism and to witness other creative minds at work, which could lead to different inspirations, Nordin said.

Risker said, “This show helps women to express their feelings and give them a platform to speak and share their experience and stories. The show inspires me to create: to create more art work, to create more shows and to continue to help my fellow artists.”

The opening of the exhibit will run from 7-9 p.m. on March 11 with a pre-show panel beginning at 6 p.m. According the Facebook event page, there are seven women speaking in the panel, seven performance artists and poets and 27 artists that will all come together to showcase their work and interpretation of the theme.

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