Sonic Rebellion: Music as Resistance is the newest exhibit continuing the Museum of Contemporary Art’s theme of examining Detroit history through art, music and politics. 

The exhibit, which will run through Jan. 7, 2018, has portrays Detroit’s history through music genres, artifacts, videos, audio, and collaged art pieces.  

Among the artifacts are pieces put together by Miz Korona, a visual artist and musician. Korona also is an associate at MOCAD and played a role in this exhibit’s execution.

“Each part of this exhibit showcases powerful moments in Detroit through different music genres,” Korona said. “Some of the workings you see in the glass cases are real artifacts from their era.”

“This exhibit is a continuation of what we have been working on at MOCAD for a few years now,” Korona said. “The power of music and people’s voices in general has been playing a huge part in social movements for decades, especially in Detroit.”

Some of the genuine artifacts include Black Panther meeting fliers and signage used during protests. The voice of an an unknown singer during the Civil Rights Era comes from various shaped and sized speakers and stereos, showcasing how influential music has been throughout history.

As the exhibit says,“The show connects this historic event to more recent social movements, from Occupy to Black Lives Matter, illustrating threads between past protests and the unresolved racial politics in the United States today.”

MOCAD exhibition support is provided by the A. Alfred Taubman Foundation. Sonic Rebellion: Music as Resistance is supported by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

For more information on MOCAD exhibits and its operating hours, visit their website. To learn more about Miz Korona and her work, follow her Instagram.

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This exhibition is happening due to the important reason and people showing their interest in this exhibition and website is really best option for all individual. Music is good for the soul and it is all for the music exhibition. People like this kind of the exhibition which gives them so relaxation.

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