"I don’t like trying to force pieces together.”

Sarah Kayed has been writing poetry from an early age and has recently decided to compile her poems and publish her first poetry book titled “The Way the Sun Sets” in December 2017. 

Kayed graduated from Wayne State University last May with a bachelor’s in Psychology and a minor in Fine Arts.

Kayed was always planning on gathering the many poems that she has written over the years for her personal collection, but then impulsively decided to publish her work.

“I wasn’t planning on sharing it; it kind of just happened,” she says.

“The Way the Sun Sets” covers some of Kayed’s personal thoughts revolving around the topics of love and loss, which she says she is fascinated with.

“The book is not necessarily autobiographical... it’s also about things I’ve seen other people experience," she says.

When asked about how she brought herself to share her personal thoughts and reflections, Kayed admits it was a hard process, but went with it anyway.

“Sharing art is very personal,” Kayed says. “When you create something, there is a great vulnerability that comes with sharing your art and making it public for people to look at and judge.”

Kayed is not working on another book but does continue to write more poems.

“For this book, I didn’t write anything with the intention of putting it into a book," she says." "I don’t like trying to force pieces together.”

Kayed hopes to share some common ground with her readers through this collection.

“Know that your experiences are not just your own, that there is somebody out there who can relate.”

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Poems could teach students how to wish, how to fell this life is meaningful & stimulate their imagination. WSU graduate would be get more success in life. Ps from india palmistry


Great article, but it would have been helpful to include a link to purchase purchase this book of poems?



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