Take Root, a Detroit-based modern dance company, returns to the Red Bull House of Art for their annual season opening concert at 7:15 p.m. Oct. 14.

Take Root was founded in 2013 by Ali Woerner and Thayer Jonutz. The company consists of seven dancers, including themselves. They describe themselves as a collaboration of contemporary dance and an art cultivation project where their performances send the message of branching these two concepts together.

This show will debut three new pieces, one being their underwater dance film, “Ripple From the Skin We Shed.”

The underwater film is about 10 minutes long with all of the dancers from the company submerged underwater.

“It was quite beautiful being submerged with each other and to have that sensibility of having other bodies underwater with you,” said Ali Woerner, co-founder of Take Root. “It was definitely a collaborative work under the surface. It was pretty exciting.”

Music was captured and composed by Wayne State professor Jon Anderson who played the piano alongside the company’s violist Danny DeRose.

“As they do the movements I hear what the music is going to be like,” said Anderson. He captured the sounds for the film through microphones he would suspend with buoys into the water.

“I built most of the score from recording sessions I had with Danny, so while they were working out choreography we would work out pitch, melody and harmony.”   

Professor Anderson said they only had two weeks for them to figure out what they were going to do musically. He worked on the film with Sam Paraventi, the company’s media director. “It can get frustrating every now and then because if he has a change I have to go back and watch it to make sure my music corresponds with that too,” Anderson added.

The group has a theme every year for their performance. This year is “I Have a Story to Tell You.” The theme goes along with stories of the past, present and future. “Starting off in the water made sense because we all start in this state of purity,” said Woerner.

The company will debut two new pieces. One piece is a woman trio revolving around the past. The other dance will feature two male and two female dancers witnessing what one sees throughout their lives and how it changes them as a person.

What makes their shows so interesting is that it’s not a traditional theatre performance. They are interacting with the audience throughout the performance.

“I think they feel inspired by how we appreciate nontraditional spaces so the audience is in it,” said Woerner. “With the performance being surrounded by artwork at the Red Bull House of Art one can get something from all corners of art.”

The show is Oct. 14 at 7:15 p.m. at the Red Bull House of Art. For more information about the company and to purchase tickets for the show please visit takerootdance.com.

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