Autobots roll out

Could Michigan be the Hollywood of the Midwest? 

This summer has been jam-packed with movie making. From Ryan Gosling’s “How to Catch a Monster” to the new “Need for Speed” movie, Detroit has been the hot spot for directors and producers. 

The biggest movie filming may have been “Transformers 4.” Director Michael Bay brought the Autobots back to the D for the fourth installment of the saga. 

Bay and the cast finished summer production of the movie Aug. 9. They’d been filming since mid-July. 

Hundreds of Metro Detroiters flocked to the set on Grand Circus Park and Washington Boulevard to catch a glimpse of the movie. Optimus Prime and Bumblebee made guest appearances. People crowded around the “tricked-out” semi-truck and the famous yellow Chevy Camaro to get pictures. 

Bay transformed downtown Detroit into downtown China. The area was completely remodeled. The People Mover even got a makeover including a Chinese ad for Red Bull. 

Many people were excited to have such activity in the city. Some people hoped more movies would be made in the city after it filed for bankruptcy. 

Although Transformers 4 has wrapped in the city for a while, the production will not leave Michigan. The cast and crew are headed to Lansing for the next segment of filming. Sources for the film’s publicity team say production will last until September. 

Hopefully, Bumblebee and Optimus will make another trip to Detroit soon. 

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