"There's no censorship, we ask you to bring whatever you have to the table,"

Wayne SLAM, also known as Wayne Student Literary Arts Movement jump-starts the new year with their ever growing monthly open mic series accompanied with new president

The arts organization, which was founded in 2013 by Justin Rogers and Ben Alfaro, is in the process of determining their first official date and integrating new president Damon Hogan.

Hogan will replace current president and series host, Grove Esterling.

"He is a product of the insideout literary arts program that myself and Ben both work for," says Rogers. "He has been apart of the recent poetry slam team that has competed on an international level and he's just been with us for quite a while.

With a new president and host, the two hour event will continue to offer the opportunity for students to showcase all art forms on the stage in the Student Center basement.

Poets, visual artists, rappers, singers, and dancers alike are invited to take the stage with the freedom to speak on all topics excluding hate speech or derogatory messages.

"There's no censorship, we ask you to bring whatever you have to the table," Roger says. "The one thing we do ask is no hate speech, no derogatory terms. If we feel like it's hate speech or bad language or if it's something negative happening with your work, we will remove it from that space so we can continue to make it a safe space for anyone."

At the end of January, Wayne SLAM will administer a survey to the dorms to establish the official start date of the monthly open mics in February.  

The event will be held in the Student Center basement stage across from the food court.

In the past, the event has been held on a Tuesday from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Esterling says alongside the open mics, they are planning to have featured artists also host writing workshops prior to the show.

"Usually the way we do workshops is we look over a poem or two that we like," says Esterling. "We talk about how this poet has used this poem to tell their story or a story. What was good about it, what were it's downfalls what are the literary mechanisms within it. The afterwards we figure out a prompt of some sort."

Esterling says promotions for the event, which seeks to bridge the gap between different art forms on campus, will begin in January.

He says this time around they are targeting not only students who are interested in poetry, but those who are not too familiar with the art form as well.

"We want to make sure it keeps on going forward and Wayne state has a presence of poetry," says Esterling. "We are definitely going to start advertising in a different way, advertising in a much stronger way."


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