Valentine's Day is this week, and you still don’t have plans. You’re probably not the only one. Amongst the pressure of having a valentine, defining one’s relationship or running out of Tinder swipes, we are all looking for a way to have fun and unwind, or to avoid the “you didn’t plan anything?’ talk.

Fret no more. Here are some events happening on Feb. 14 in Detroit that are sure to ease your Valentine’s Day panic and blues. 

Single AF 

9:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. at Firebird Tavern 

Tickets: $5

If you fall into the single, taken or other category, this event is just for you. Firebird Tavern, located in Greektown, is putting on a traditional traffic light party where you indicate your relationship status with the color of your cup. Red means that you are off limits, green means you are single and yellow means you are in that awkward place in between. 

Join fellow Detroiters for live music, lots of drinks, and energetic camaraderie in the heart of the city.  Transform another lonely evening into a night to remember — or not.

The Valentine’s Day Art and Comedy Show 

6:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. at The Conference Room

Tickets: $10 to $45 

Whether you are looking for a unique date for, or for a fun solo mission, this event is a digression from the typical outing. Join Mr. CliffNote of Aired Out Productions for Painting with a Cliff, where the artist will walk you through recreating one of his signature pieces. Similar to Painting with a Twist, a glass of wine is provided for participants. In addition to unlocking your inner artist, there will be a comedy show featuring comedians from Detroit. 

You have the option of attending the guided painting session, the comedy show or both with tickets being sold separately and as a package. It has been said that laughing is the best medicine. This comedy show, as well as the therapeutic painting session are sure to lift your spirits this Valentine’s Day. 

Cooking with Love: Valentine’s Day Couples Cooking Class 

7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. at ConverZation’s Banquet & Event Center

Tickets: $150 per couple (You cannot put a price on love)

Join Chef Kim Reece as she guides you and your partner through the creation of a delicious dinner for two. Learn how to prepare chicken marsala with garlic herb potatoes, sautéed vegetables and chocolatey desserts with your special someone. Along with the cooking lesson, couples will receive drinks, dinner for two, a kiss the cook apron to spice the kitchen up at home and live music.

This experience allows you to enhance your culinary skills, mingle with other couples and enjoy quality time with your significant other. This Valentine’s Day, cherish the time with your loved one while learning to cook something two peas in a pod can make and eat together. 

Full Snow Moon Holy Fire Reiki Meditation and Raw Amethyst 

7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at Midtown Yoga Wellness Center

Tickets: $30

Are you looking to become more in tune with your spirit, or even with your partner? Align your chakras at the Full Snow Moon Holy Fire Meditation session this Valentine’s Day. The event focuses on self-reflection in order to manifest the version of yourself that you want to become. Allow yourself to settle into a calm mindset with aromatherapy. Amethyst — a stone used for spiritual cleansing and healing  — will also be used in therapeutic ways. 

Meditation doesn’t mean only sitting in silence on a yoga mat. It also involves mental stimulation, which will take place during the journaling portion of the evening. Let your thoughts flow onto paper and declare your goals. Although deeply personal, this event can be attended as a couple. Embark on a spiritual journey this Valentine’s Day.

The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Blind Date 

8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. at The D Loft Studio

Tickets: $20 to $30

Whether you are single and looking for a Valentine or in a relationship looking to meet other couples, this event may be for you. At the beginning of the event, you are given a ticket that you can exchange for a free drink at the bar. You participate in the speed dating activity, and it is this ticket that you present to someone you want to get to know better. A step above that is presenting your partner with a rose, which means you want to advance to an actual date with them. 

Dress in your best cocktail attire and come enjoy a night of socializing, food, and live music. You never know where the night will take you. 

Cover photo by Guneet Ghotra. Guneet is the graphic designer for The South End. She can be reached at

Alanna Williams is a contributing writer for The South End.