"We want people of all ages to have the physical record in their hands rather than something on your iPod or phone.”

Wayne State students looking to fulfill their vinyl fix between studying for finals won't have to travel far from campus for Record Store Day on April 22.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, Record Store Day is a day for customers, store staff and artists to come together and celebrate the unique culture of record stores and the role independently-owned stores play in their communities, according to the website.

Special vinyl and CD releases and various promotional products are made exclusively for the day.

Some of the day's festivities include in-store performances, DJs spinning records and artist meet and greets.

Wade Kergan, shop owner at Hello Records, located in Corktown, said, "It's such a massive amount of music released on one day. There's always something exciting on that list."

Kergan added that occasionally popular musicians pass through the store on Record Store Day events.

"For Record Store Day four years ago Black Milk came in and played with Wajeed and DJ Dez. We've had events [that have brought performers in] like that."

Hello Records has been in business for nine years, Kergan said.

"I've always had a passion about music, [particularly] older music. This allows me to continue to explore that and share that with people, especially in Detroit, which has such a rich musical history. I'm constantly learning about [it] and I'm constantly surprised and amazed by [it]."

Kergan said just as people have different personalities, so do record stores.

"We try to be enthusiastic, friendly and organized," he said. "We try to be the best neighborhood shop that we can be. We're literally on a corner in the oldest neighborhood in the city."

Other records stores in the area are participating in the event as well.

Third Man Records will be participating in its second Record Store Day in the Cass Corridor. Jessica Artt, who works at the store, recalled a memorable experience at Third Man last year involving Iggy Pop.

"We released a book called Total Chaos, which is a story about The Stooges, as told by Iggy Pop. So we actually had Iggy come in here after a documentary screening of 'Give Me Danger' at the Detroit Film Theater, and he came in after that."

"He came in and did a question and answer for that movie and the book that we released,” she said. “It was bizarre. I never thought I would meet or see Iggy Pop in the flesh and I did."

Among the many Record Store Day releases, one stood out to Artt in particular.

"I'm really excited for the Bob Seger System 7-inch record that we're putting out. It's the first reissue since it was released, and I'm pretty stoked for it."

The 7" vinyl single was remastered directly from the analog tapes, and was manufactured at Third Man Record's new pressing plant and will be released for Record Store Day in a limited edition yellow disc with a standard black vinyl release available after Record Store Day.

"We want people of all ages to have the physical record in their hands rather than something on your iPod or phone,” Artt said.

"It makes it more personal and interactive to have a record and set it on your turntable, listen to it and have to get up to flip the record. It kind of makes it more fun. We just want to keep that part of history alive."

Both stores will have festivities and performances during the event. For the complete list of releases for Record Store Day, visit Record Store Day's website.


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