The Women's Chorale performs at the fall showcase on Oct. 16.

The Wayne State department of music’s fall choral showcase featured the Choral Union, Men’s Glee Club, Women’s Chorale and Concert Chorale Oct. 16 at the Schaver Music Recital Hall.

The ensembles were led by WSU instructor Noah Horn, director of the choral program and conductor of Men’s Glee Club and Concert Chorale, and Arianne Abela, conductor of Women’s Chorale and the Chorale Union, with piano accompaniment by Gerrie Ball.

“The students have worked so hard and this is their opportunity to showcase what they’ve been working on,” said Abela.

The four chorale ensembles are offered as one-credit courses through the department of music.

The Chorale Union started the evening with a rendition of “Ke Nna Yo Morena,” a traditional South African song, with the translated lyrics “Here I am Lord, I have arrived. Their eyes are piercing like bows/spears, they fight for the Lord.”

The Men’s Glee Club performed four songs. The final song was “Wayne State University Alma Mater,” and alumni of the choir group joined current members onstage.

The Women’s Chorale performed four songs with three solos. Anna Loftus Armstrong sang the solo for “Love Arrives,” while Kate Connolly and Stephanie Weil performed solos during “Le Charite.”

Soloist Anna Loftus Armstrong said faith, hope and charity are the three pillars in Christian choir music, “but [the song Le Charite] focuses on charity.”

The Concert Chorale, “the university's flagship choral ensemble,” according to the WSU website, performs music from the 15th to the 21st centuries. The group closed out the show with five songs. The first song of their set, “Ballade to the Moon,” was conducted by student Sarah Noble.

“[The showcase] shares the gift of music and art, and helps to perpetuate a love of art--which we need right now--and fosters a love of music for generations,” Abela said.

“I think it’s important for students to perform in front of an audience because it builds character,” said Men’s Glee Club member Nicholas Spatafora, a junior double majoring in vocal performance and accounting. “Public speaking is one of those skills that you need to have in order to be successful. And that level of success comes from hours and hours of actually [performing] in front of somebody.”

To learn more about the WSU department of music, visit their website. More information on the choral ensembles can be found here.

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