Bible of Love

Rapper Snoop Dogg surprised many with the release of his new album “Bible of Love.” His new album delves into a new genre, gospel and soul Despite criticism from fans, “Bible of Love” has topped the American Billboard gospel chart at #1.

“The devil is a lie. I thought church was supposed to welcome sinners. If the church was full of saints, it wouldn’t be right.” he tells VIBE news. “So, if you’re finding somebody trying to find their way back home, the natural thing to do is be warm and welcoming, open your arms, and say, ‘Brother, we accept you for who you are and what you going through. Come as you are.'”

The 32-track album shows that Snoop Dogg can succeed in any genre. The album features gospel legends like The Clark Sisters, Rance Allen and Fred Hammond. Other modern artists were featured, such as Mali Music, Marvin Sapp and Tye Tribbet. While Snoop himself is not featured on many of the songs in the album, his signature funk and hip-hop beat were applied to the newer takes on many gospel favorites.

Snoop remixes classics The Clark Sister’s “Blessed & Highly Favored,” Faith Evan’s “Saved” and James Wright’s “My God,” adding new flavor to beloved songs.

Along with the classics Snoop added some original tracks of his own. “I’m just a nobody trying to tell everybody, about somebody who can save anybody,” raps Snoop in his original song “Always Got Something to Say.”

Lyrically, Snoop has tapped into his classic soothing rap style, but connected it to place of pure spirituality. In “Blessing Me Again,” a collaboration with gospel icon Rance Allen, he drops versus like, “I took a chance for real, so I can dance up in heaven/ My granny used to always tell me ‘you gon' be a reverend.’” Snoop showcases a different side of himself through his music, the religious. He pulls off a tough feat, moving from rap to gospel. 

The only true shortcomings on Snoop’s new album was the lack of Snoop Dogg. For an album that he released there is not very much of him in it. This is a shame considering some of the best verses on the album are the ones that feature his original work.

Overall it was a bold move on Snoop’s part to try and tackle the gospel genre. While the genre is known for its ties to traditional church culture, Snoop molded it and moved on from rap with this latest LP. 


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