Gather for a different type of lunch break with The Detroit Historical Society's “Lunchtime Techno" event.

Visitors can enjoy this series highlighting the techno genre throughout the summer with several local DJs and food trucks at the Detroit Historical Museum's Legends Plaza.

Malika Pryor, senior director of education and programs for the Detroit Historical Society, said she visited Chicago and saw other museums were doing events highlighting house music and block parties and was inspired by this. 

Wanting to intentionally activate the museums space to bring the people of the city together — Lunchtime Techno came to be.

Pryor said her main goal is for people to have fun, dance and experience lunch in a new and exciting way.

Techno was chosen because “Detroit is to techno as New York or the Bronx is to hip-hop,” Pryor said. “We (Detroiters) are marinated in talent.”

Urban Organic — a multi-genre marketing and promotions company founded in 2000 — helped choose the DJs for the lunchtime event.

 DJ Rhonda Welsh, who performed at the event series on Aug. 6, said she has been collecting music since she was 10-years old. Her DJ career started recently but she says she has kept the turntable spinning.

“About 3 years ago I saw a DJ class at DIME and I thought ‘I’ll just take it (and) I’ll learn how to do it,’” Welsh said. “Two weeks after I finished the class, I actually got hired to do a fashion show at Wayne State.”

Welsh said she is honored to be a part of the old and new happenings in Detroit. 

“This event is a shining example of what Detroit has always been,” she said. “This is such a vibrant city and everybody keeps talking about the comeback of Detroit and we actually never went anywhere.”

Local resident, Precious Johnson-Arabitg, was a repeat attendee of the event.

“I think it's a great way for people to come together and enjoy being outdoors for the summer, actually talk and meet other people, and learn about new DJ’s and other events happening in the city,” she said.

It’s not too late to join in the song and dance. The last Lunchtime Techno events of the summer will take place on Aug. 20 and Aug. 27 from 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Wayne State students will have a special opportunity to indulge in Detroit style non-alcoholic drinks, like Faygo pop, and win some Detroit swag from The Detroit Historical Museum at the last Lunchtime Techno event on Aug. 27. Students will need to show their OneCard for entry to win free prizes.

For more information about The Detroit Historical Society as well at the lunchtime techno event please visit

Cover Photo by Malika Pryor




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