“Artists are the cornerstone of a growing city. Through art I hope to continue to bring people back to Detroit.”

The MATI Group, a collection of individuals focused on creating a unified artistic community, have joined forces with The Tangent Gallery to host The Detroit Artist Ball on March 4 at 7 p.m.

The Tangent Gallery is a multiuse venue known for hosting and supporting local musicians, poets and artists over the past 16 years. The MATI Group has curated art exhibitions comprised of unknown and emerging artists from throughout the city since 2006 according to one of the event organizers, Evans Tasiopoulos.

“The idea for this show has been around for a little over a year now,” Tasiopoulos said. “I was inspired by the artist balls that were done in Paris during the Jazz Age. I always loved that idea and wanted to bring that kind of festive gathering to Detroit, so we created the Detroit Artist Ball.”

On the itinerary for the evening is a fashion show featuring Happy Hookers Detroit and Stein Van Bael, spoken word and art collaborations and live performances by a variety of musicians and DJs. Refreshments will be provided by Jayell Smoke House.

“My hope is for our guests to experience a wonderful sense of creativity, love, inspiration and, of course, fun,” said Dave Messerschmidt, member of The MATI Group and an organizer of the event,

Many of the participating artists like Brendan “The Blind Artist” Patrick, a tattoo artist who lost his eyesight but has continued painting, have worked with The MATI Group before.

“A world without art is boring,” Messerschmidt said. “This show in particular has no specific theme set for the artists, so there's going to be a ton of different kinds of visual stimulation.”

Guests are encouraged to network with each other and the 50 artists featured in the show and make connections that will strengthen Detroit’s artist community.

“Artists are the cornerstone of a growing city. Through art I hope to continue to bring people back to Detroit,” Tasiopoulos said. “[We aim] to show that Detroit is full of culture, an ideal place to spend time with family and friends [and] that Detroit should no longer be feared but embraced, and its growth welcomed.”

The Tangent Gallery is located at 715 East Milwaukee Ave. and has a full bar for those 21+ though the show is 18+. Those interested in more information can visit The Detroit Artist Ball Facebook page

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