“Our culture desperately needs an outlet to pursue the unknown and create things that are purposely purposeless."
Mike Tokarz

Experimental Detroit artist Richard Haley will present an artist lecture from 6:15-8 p.m. on Feb. 22 in the Bernath Auditorium, located within the Undergraduate Library on campus.

“Refusing to let the sun penetrate inside me” and “Proposal to disappear into light,” are just two pieces of his work that will be discussed at the talk.

Haley has previously worked with the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit in multiple exhibits. Two of those include the “Monster Drawing Rally” presented by MOCAD’s “New Wave,” an exhibit where 30 artists draw simultaneously inside the gallery.

He was also involved in the collaborated project “∞ mile” which included his piece “Dragged Mass,” created with WSU theatre professor Mary Anderson.

Haley’s partnerships with Anderson on multiple projects has allowed him to be involved with the WSU art community, a relationship that will be further extended by his upcoming artist talk.

“They had a faculty lecture series years ago [at WSU],” Haley said. “They felt it was time to revive it to bring more attention to what we do in the arts here at Wayne.”

“I will be discussing the ideas behind my work and how it evolves through different mediums,” he added.

“My website is a very small sliver of my body of work,” he said.

The artworks displayed on the website consists of a range of textures and mediums from latex, to graphite, to strands of his wife’s hair.

Some of the pieces are realistic replications of body parts and some are video pieces portraying strong emotional reactions.

Haley said his work is typically not meant to be viewed online. “I usually work rather small, [so] the work has more impact when you see several pieces together in person.”

Haley said he plans to emphasize the importance in art and in creativity with enough open-endedness for self-interpretation.

“I believe art as a method of research is extremely important. To misquote the artist Sol LeWitt, ‘Art can leap to conclusions that logic cannot reach,’” he said. “Our culture desperately needs an outlet to pursue the unknown and create things that are purposely purposeless. Without it, we are to sink. We need producers of ruptures and fissures in our ways of being and thinking.”

Haley hopes the artist lecture will bring more attention to the importance of the art department at WSU.

“I’m hoping that the art lecture series as a whole will bring more attention to the research and methods of inquiry happening in the art department and hopefully it will generate more interest among the student community to come take classes and come to the openings on campus,” he said. “Also, I hope it sparks further inquiry into the importance of art in our culture.”

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