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Spring is here and many students on campus are wondering what unique attractions the season can bring to Detroit. Wayne State is close to areas like Eastern Market, Belle Isle and Hart Plaza.

WSU student Zuzanna Sobczak says, “I always enjoy going to Campus Martius and walking the River Walk to Hart Plaza.”

Many students use the weather forecast to plan out their days. For example, Sarah Schnell, a senior at WSU, enjoys spending her time at Belle Isle. The small island, located near Downtown Detroit, has many activities to offer during the springtime. 

Schnell says, “In the spring, I really enjoy riding my bike there [and] laying out on hammocks. The conservatory they have is amazing with plants changing every season that reflect the current weather.”

Other popular places to visit on the isle include the Belle Isle Aquarium designed by Albert Kahn. As the oldest aquarium in the country, it is home to a large offering of air-breathing fish.           

With finals approaching, outdoor activities may not always seem like the best fit since the school year is in full throttle. Other viable options can include studying or spending time with friends in coffee shops.

Sobczak says, “It depends on the day and weather. When it’s warm, I enjoy traveling downtown and being outside on the weekends or festivals at Hart Plaza. But, on school nights, I love hanging out at coffee shops like Great Lakes.’’

WSU senior Makayla Myers recommends bar-hopping in the wealth of local bars Midtown has to offer.

Myers says, “There are a ton of great bars and restaurants in Midtown. Sometimes, I enjoy exploring and just finding new places to visit.”

As far as exploring goes, students and faculty of all ages may be interested in visiting Eastern Market, the popular year-round market that provides a space for various local farmers and businesses to sell and promote their products.

Sobczak says, “I like hanging out at Eastern Market on weekends and seeing all the cool things they sell and do.”

Besides being home to one of the oldest markets, Eastern Market provides several state-recognized springtime events, such as the infamous Flower Day on May 20. Many people from all over the metro Detroit area come out to experience the 15 available acres dedicated to selling a diverse selection of flower and bouquet options from Michigan and neighboring states. 

Aside from Flower Day, the Eastern Market offers food, experiences and tons of products from different vendors and merchants.







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The advice for students is that find a stream or lake to paddle the kayaks; or they can do charity campain in some areas of the town. ps from
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