“The goal is the always have a message in my music. I don’t want to preach, but I want them to take away an experience, feeling and message."

Wayne State student Alex Way released her very first EP titled “Phases” this month.

The new release features six songs, all related to Way's personal experiences. The Neo-Soul and R&B artist began working on this project in July of this year and finished the recording process last month. 

She held a release party for the “Phases” EP on Nov. 25, at The Virgil H. Carr Center.

Way was the winner of the WSU talent show last year, but says she did not realize how good her singing actually was until people came up to compliment her on the performance. Now, she has performed at weddings, after parties and other events.

Way said her interest in music developed in the church as she watched her family members play in the orchestra. She said she was so inspired she took up the violin as a child. 

Way wrote her first song, “Way I am,” about ten years ago, taking from from eighth grade to her sophomore year of high school to complete. She said when she heard it for the first time after production it was an overwhelming experience.

“When [it was] sent it to me, I told myself this is what I’ve been working on, this is what I wanted. It was perfect and all I could do is sit in my car and cry because this is it.” 

Way said she was discovered her freshman year at WSU by a friend with a connection in the music business. She said that after just a few minutes of her singing, the producer told Way that she needed to be in the studio with him. Since then, she has dedicated her time to making music. 

Way said it’s difficult to choose which song is her favorite off the new EP.

“My favorite song depends on the day. I like them all,” she said. “It's kind of hard because they are all my babies. The producer did a great job on all of the songs.”

As for her dream collaborations, Way said she would fall over for the opportunity with one of her musical inspirations, including India Arie and Chance the Rapper. 

“[India Arie] is the truth,” she said. “You can relate to her music on a whole other level that is different from other artist. It's just spiritual.”

“My favorite on the flip side is Chance the Rapper. his whole style and music is great.”

Way wants her listeners to relate to her music as she relates to her favorite artists.

“I just want my music to inspire people like it has inspired me,” she said. “Music has brought me through so much. The way India Arie has inspired me, I could hope that I do that for someone else.”

“The goal is the always have a message in my music. I don’t want to preach, but I want them to take away an experience, feeling and message. To touch others the way it has always touched me.” 

To listen to the EP, visit Way’s website.

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