Dally in the Alley

The 37th annual Dally in the Alley was held in Midtown Detroit, Saturday September 6, 2014.

Thousands of people turned out to enjoy local vendors and more than 40 musical acts at the 37th annual Dally in the Alley music and arts festival in Midtown, Detroit on Sept. 6. The evening ended slightly early due to an unexpected fire caused by a blown transformer in the center of the festival, near the Alley Stage. Patrons and vendors were asked to clear the area nearly an hour before the scheduled end time. 

The festival hosted a wide array of musical genres.

Some of the highlights of the daytime performances include Ancient Language, a duo featuring two men who play down-tempo electronic music paired with guitar and keyboard melodies, and Erno the Inferno who played old-school funky house music that kept the crowd moving, with vocals by Lisa Stocking.

“I think that the Dally is one of the most important festivals in the city,” said Ernie Guerra, also known as Erno the Inferno. “It’s the only festival that showcases the true diversity of Detroit.” 

The evening brought about hundreds of more people, people flooded into the alleys surrounding Wayne State.

Midnight Jackers and Palaces performed especially crowd-pleasing performances, while Cold Men Young and K-Hand was the closer of the night, closing the Alley and Electronic Stages, respectively.

Vendor booths featured a little bit of everything, including local apparel and merchandise, in addition to individual street artists selling hand made, craft jewelry and wares. Festivalgoers could buy anything from pizza to schawarmas at any one of the dozens of food vending booths. Additionally, there were numerous community-based booths, ranging from school and church groups, to the controversial Satanic Temple booth.

“When I think of Detroit and the people, I think of relentless positive action,” Michigan native Ted Goodman said. “An event like Dally in the Alley really shows the positive side of Detroit: people coming together to enjoy good music and good food.”

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