On the 26th of October, the students of Wayne State housing in Chatsworth towers will celebrate Halloween by organizing a Haunted House. 13 residential advisors and the students living at Chatsworth will plan and put on the event. This year they celebrate the 4th “Haunted Chats” and are expecting more than 400 people to attend the event.

The floor plan of Haunted Chats starts from the lobby heading towards the elevators. You can enter inside in a group of four to five. The elevator then takes you down to the haunted basement and then towards the walking path. The Haunted house starts and ends at the lobby of the Chatsworth tower. The entry at the house starts from 9 pm while the event starts from 8:30 pm.

Danielle White, one of the volunteers of Haunted Chats, said the haunted house is constructed on the first two floors of the Chatsworth—the lobby and the basement. Each room on the second floor is set up with a different theme. Some of the previous themes were haunted mansion and haunted carnival. The first meeting of the organizing committee is set two months before the event date. The route of the house is first decided and two weeks prior, the construction of the house is initiated. During this time, the lobby of Chatsworth tower is completely shut.

Joshua Loukota, a member of the organizing committee, said each year the organizing committee is assigned with a budget to set up the event. Most of the materials are reused from the previous year or recreated to fit with the theme. Haunted Chats has been growing each year. The first year, 2013, only about 100 attended the event. Last year the count was 250, showing the growth of the event, according to the event page.

“It’s like a legacy being passed on,” said Loukota, also a Senior in Global Chain Supply Management at Wayne State University.

According to some of the students of the resident advisor, there is a reason to celebrate Halloween at Chatsworth. It is said that back in 1920’s while alcohol was ban in the United States, Chatsworth towers was held to store liquor traded by the local mafia organizations. This alcohol was bought from Canada and stored in the furnaces in the basement of the Chatsworth towers. Since the place was under the influence of various mafia groups it is believed that shootouts had taken place due to the possession of illegal alcohol and people were killed.

The Haunted Chats has eventually become a new platform for students to connect with each other. You can attend the event on October 26th in the Chatsworth Apartments on campus.

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