Just days before finals, Wayne State students are planning to travel to the March for Science in Washington D.C., which coincides with Earth Day on April 22. The march invites scientists and science enthusiasts to speak up for accessible science.

Currently, students of the honors college, the engineering honor society, Tau Beta Pi - Epsilon Chapter and fellow WSU students are encouraged to join by the March 31 deadline.

WSU junior mechanical engineering student Hana Bagomaan organized the trip to attend the march because she said she believes that the information builds the foundation on how scientists, activists, leaders and students can reform social policy. 

“In my perspective, the March for Science is not a movement for political representation of scientists (or disciplines alike). It is a movement to convey that discoveries confirmed by science must be made available to the public and that any breakthroughs in improving public health or our planet must be implemented,” Bagomaan said.    

WSU Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering Ethan Eagle said the students he works with are concerned about confirmation bias, information literacy, the spread of fake or alternative science and, especially, accessibility. 

“To bet on science being wrong on the issues of climate change, evolution, vaccination or choose your least favorite hot-potato dinner conversation is to miss the point,” Eagle said.

He also said that policy effects should be scrutinized and their intent and outcomes held to a scientific evidentiary standard. 

“Science survives by being ruthlessly skeptical. 'Science' can very rarely (if ever) give guidance on what should be done. It can only be used to describe what is. Policymakers should, by all means, use data and evidence to determine whether certain policies are working,” he said.

The WSU group has started a GoFundMe in hopes to defer the costs of attending for students for the charter bus. The group has a $4,000 goal and will raise funds until April 14.

For Bagomaan, to march is one’s civic responsibility.

“I firmly believe that we are stronger together,” Bagomaan said. "Attending this march will give students an extraordinary opportunity to exemplify their leadership skills beyond the classroom and become actively engaged in their civic responsibility…I am hoping to fight for love, fight for humanity and fight for science.”  

More information on how to join their efforts or support them:

Organizers can be reached at: m4s.wsu@gmail.com and marchforscience.wsu@gmail.com

For more information on the march, please visit marchforscience.org

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