"With the support of the university we can achieve a lot of things and do wonders for Wayne State,”
Aditya Andhare

Wayne State is home to the only cricket club in Michigan that has reached national tournaments. To pay for the trip expenses, the club has recently opened a crowdfunding account to help them get to the competition.

In 2011, chemical engineering Ph.D. student Rohan Uttarwar founded the WSU cricket club and has been to the national tournament each year since then. However, they are only recognized as a club by the university, and all expenses must be fundraised out of pocket.

Former head of the cricket club, Harsha Chalasani, said the team would previously receive funding from multiple sources.

These sources included other Michigan cricket teams, GoFundMe accounts and, occasionally, assistance from other WSU alumni. Chalasani said this year is the first year the cricket club has used WSU crowdfunding.  

Social Media and Communications Officer at WSU, Kristine Sholty, helps run the university crowdfunding account “Warrior Funder.”

Organizations and clubs accepted will appear on the website’s homepage where students, faculty and staff can donate to various projects.

“[Projects and organizations] get to keep 98 percent of proceeds you earn, which is a lot more than GoFundMe and Kickstarter,” Sholty said. “Working with Warrior Funder specifically, I think, is great because donors are not only giving to WSU, but they’re also directly impacting the students at WSU.”

Some projects previously funded through Warrior Funder have been the holiday lights that decorated Old Main, the remodeling of the Romanian Room in Manoogian Hall and new sashes for the marching band uniforms.

Second year construction management graduate student and leading member of the cricket club, Aditya Andhare, said he applied for a Warrior Funder account after speaking with his friend, a cheerleader at WSU.

Andhare said it’s already proven to be an extremely beneficial resource. With $966 in the Warrior Funder account from 21 donors, 64 percent of the cricket club’s goal has been reached. It will only be open until March 10.

“Cricket Club is growing bigger and better as the game is growing bigger and better in [the] U.S., so with the support of the university, we can achieve a lot of things and do wonders for Wayne State and bring the university a really good name in the field of cricket,” Chalasani said.

Those interested in supporting WSU’s cricket club can donate here. Other WSU organizations can apply for Warrior Funding here.

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