College students are no strangers to balancing bustling class schedules with internships, jobs and whatever else life decides to throw their way. With the fall semester in full swing and finals season on the horizon, Wayne State juniors and seniors pass along some advice for maintaining sanity during this hectic time. 

For studying, senior pre-pharmacy student Linda Saeed said she prefers the first floor of the Purdy-Kresge Library for its quiet atmosphere, and because "not many people are crowding the tables." 

Naseem Zahid, a senior studying public health, suggests studying at the same place and time to create a routine. 

“Any of my friends can find me grinding it out at the third floor of the (undergraduate library) every day at (2 p.m.) because they know if I'm anywhere else, I won't be able to focus,” Zahid said.

Using a calendar is vital for time management, Zahid said. WSU provides students with free access to Microsoft software that includes an online calendar which syncs with students’ class schedules. 

"Staying organized is the way to go," Zahid said. "Whether it's writing all you need to get done on a planner or on your phone, make sure you're on top of all your assignments.”

Noribeth Mariscal, a senior civil and environmental engineering student, said that if she has an hour break, she likes to eat lunch in the Student Center, or workout in the Mort Harris Recreation and Fitness Center. 

“If you have 30 to 60-minute gaps between your classes, give yourself time to breathe and recoup,” said Mariscal. “(For) those who like to grab coffee and chill with friends, the Starbucks on Anthony Wayne Drive is less crowded, as well as much faster at making your order than the one in the Student Center.”

Amanda Gardner, a senior majoring in political science, said the WRT Zone in the David Adamany Undergraduate Library can be helpful. The WRT (Writing, Research and Technology) Zone offers free writing and research tutoring sessions for students of all disciplines.

“It's definitely a wonderful resource to utilize to your advantage, since you pay for it anyway with your tuition." 

College is a challenging time, there’s no shame in needing some help. Students struggling with managing their courses can visit the Academic Success Center in the UGL. 

Cover photo by Jonathan Deschaine.

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Thank You! I love this post! thank you for sharing!

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