"I believe the program is important because it allows those unable to obtain private tutors access to resources to be successful in classes."

If you are having trouble with a certain class or area of study, then you may want to check out the Undergraduate Library’s new Peer Assisted Learning program. The program focuses on connecting students with other students who have taken the courses and have been successful.

PAL Coordinator Christine Huang explains saying, "we are aligned with the peer assisted part, tutor tutoring supplemental instruction supported by students who have taken the course." It is through this approach to learning that many students have been able to become more successful academically.

"I encourage other students to join because it is extremely helpful and has allowed me to see major improvements in my grade," says student and frequent PAL attender Elonah Kirk. "I believe the program is important because it allows those unable to obtain private tutors access to resources to be successful in classes."

"As a transfer student, I didn’t have these resources accessible to me. While my professor’s office hours didn’t align with my schedule I was forced to learn course material on my own," says Kirk

The environment at PAL allows students to appreciate being able to learn from one another. "I enjoy being around the same age as the tutors. It’s a lot less intimidating than asking professors during office hours," Kirk adds.

PAL tutor Austin Filmi believes tutors can also gain from the program. "It kind of helps us [the tutors] stay in touch with the material," he says.

"We find group work is very helpful and it also gives you a chance to learn from your peers. That’s mainly what I see most people benefit from this program," Filmi says. Filmi also believes that group work they do at PAL is a key to their success.

Filmi went on to say that students have adopted this style of learning as well saying "I have seen some of my tutees hang out later in the future, and they want to form a group, so networking."

Huang believes that right now is a great time in for the PAL program, as they just expanded their space. Prior to this fall the tutoring space was right outside of Huang's office and it could probably only seat about ten people.

"When we were in here [The Acedemic Success Center], you come all the way to first floor and pass the front desk and a lot of the time we were considered a hidden treasure but moving now to the second floor of the UGL allows for a more open space, students are more inclusive in the library," says Huang.

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