“Detroit is important to Wayne State, and Wayne State is important to Detroit,”

Wayne State University kicked off the official yearlong celebration of its sesquicentennial on Jan. 26. The Campus Activity Team planned two fun-filled events to engage students and encourage the celebrations of the university’s milestone.

From 5:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m., the DIA and the Campus Activity Team partnered to host a night at the museum including music by DJ Twist, a scavenger hunt and Detroit-inspired food and drinks for enjoyment.

According to WSU’s Ki-Jana Malone, a campus activities team assistant, the scavenger hunt was the second of two events planned this month in honor of the sesquicentennial celebration. The night before the Campus Activities Team hosted a late night breakfast. 

“We are celebrating it because Detroit is such a huge part of Wayne State. It’s definitely impacted the culture of our campus and Wayne State has impacted the culture of the city as well,” Malone said.

To Malone, Friday’s celebration symbolized how well Detroit and Wayne State complement each other.

“Detroit is important to Wayne State, and Wayne State is important to Detroit,” Malone said. “We are going back to our roots with [the] food choices that we have and what Detroit is known for.”

Students enjoyed Detroit-style Coney Island hot dogs, Faygo pop, and Better Made chips. The first 150 students also received WSU apparel and beanies.

Malone said student turnout at campus activities are of the utmost importance.

“It makes me really happy when people come out to these events," Malone said. "It shows just how strong the Wayne State spirit is and how awesome our student body is. It means a lot and it’s definitely a great deal to me." 

Freshmen Gianna Eisele and Nathan Hughes said they attended the event in hopes of celebrating the 150-year milestone and gain insight into Detroit history.

“We also came for the scavenger hunt and the beanies they gave out,” Hughes said.

The two students heard about the event through the Get Involved emails students receive. They try to go to as my campus activities as possible throughout the year, especially when one involves a scavenger hunt.

“We thought tonight would be fun. Who wants to miss a scavenger hunt?” Eisele said.

Coordinator of Student Life, Campus Activities, and Student Involvement, Eboni Turnbow, explained the importance of these events. Whether it is celebrating a milestone like the sesquicentennial, or creating a diversity workshop for students, everything planned is done with students in mind. 

“I go on a philosophy, ‘for students, by students’ it is actually the Campus Activities Team motto. I think students know best what students want and don’t want,” Turnbow said.

“We wanted to make this event more of a celebration. Come out and mingle and be with other students and at the same time the DIA is full of culture. So the scavenger hunt is filled with that,” she added.

Turnbow said she and the rest of the Campus Activities Team encourage all students to attend events, but remind them to bring One Cards for admittance.  

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