Wayne State is located in the heart of Midtown and a stone throw away from Downtown Detroit. Some people assume that since WSU is so close to Downtown Detroit that it must be unsafe and that crime rates are extremely high. However, compared to other university campuses, crimes rates are exceptionally low.

Looking at the data, it is important to understand that laws, like the Clergy act, place responsibility on the university to provide students and staff with necessary resources and information for campus safety. The WSU Police Department has done a great job at coming up with programs to keep students and staff informed and providing them with important resources.

"We are here to provide our students, inner faculty, and staff with a safe secure place to live, work, and study," said Dave Scott, Wayne State University Police Departement Public Safety lieutenant.

A few programs and services the WSU Police Departement offer is the Rape Aggression Defence System (RAD), the Safe Walks program, and CAMPUSWATCH.

RAD is a self-defense training class that teaches students to be self-dependent and have a plan of action during dangerous situations. Students leave the course with skills, a sense of empowerment and the confidence knowing that they can protect themselves in high-stress situations. This program is currently only available at Eastern Michigan University, Oakland University, and Wayne State University; soon it will be brought to University of Michigan's campus.

The Safe Walks program allows students and staff to call WSU Police Department non-emergent phone number and have a patrol car ride alongside you till you reach your destination safely.

The goal of CAMPUSWATCH is to keep students and staff informed about what is happening around campus as soon the information is available. The most recent example of this was on November, 21st 2017. General Lecture building was evacuated because they received a bomb threat. The first email was sent at 9:06 am explaining what was going on. An update about it was sent 14 minutes later explaining that there was not a real bomb threat. This system helps keeps everyone informed and calm.

Even with all of these programs, it is still individuals responsibly to take advantage of them, take the time to educate themselves and be proactive for their own safety as well as others. Some quick tips to remember is to be aware of your surroundings, learn how to handle emergent situations, and be proactive by communicating with the WSU Police Department about crimes you experience around campus.

For more information, please visit the Wayne State University Police Department website for all program descriptions, safety tips, and contact information.

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