While on her way to pick up her mother, Wayne State senior Diamond Scott was killed by a suspected erratic driver early Monday morning.

“The only way I can sum it up is devastating and heartbreaking,” said Scott's mother, Kathryn Scott-Robinson. 

Scott-Robinson described her daughter as her “miracle child”. From a young age, was favored by her mother and considered her special child. She was the youngest four children.

After the birth of her last son, Scott-Robinson was told she would not be able to have any more children. A terrible accident left her without the use of a kidney, making doctors fearful the birth of another child could possibly kill her.

Upon having her first daughter, Scott-Robinson promised to instill qualities in her daughter she said she lacked growing up. She wanted her girl to be independent, sure of herself and to be caring to others.

“As a young 11-year-old girl, there was specialness about her,” said Rev. Zachary Hicks of Faith Clinic Church of God in Christ. “Our first encounter was poetic. It was beautiful seeing this young lady blossom into a beautiful flower.”

Hicks met Scott 12 years ago when she and her mother became members of the church.

Scott-Robinson’s vow to her daughter came to fruition this year when Scott voluntarily offered her kidney to 20-year-old Ronald White.

“What she tried to do for me was loving and she taught me to help others,” said White. “Her trying to give me a kidney is one of the best things that could ever happen to me.”

As a Wayne State student, Scott took her education very seriously. If she was unsure of something in school or her life, she would try her hardest to figure it out.

“She had a drive and a resolve that was second to none,” said Hicks. “You just knew she was going to be successful.”

During Scott’s 23 years, she touched a great deal of people. Her family said they will grieve at their loss, but they rest easy knowing Scott had a profound impact on people.

“We lost one of the good guys,” said Hicks. “The world is truly going to miss someone who cared about others and did everything she could to make them happy.

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