"Our organization strives to get women involved at an earlier age to increase these numbers because the field should be closer to having an equal female to male ratio,”

The Association for Computing Machinery Women better known as ACM-W, is a chapter within science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). 

ACM-W Wayne State Chapter President Diana Diaz said she would like to see more women interested in a Computer Science major as she sees a lack of women pursuing the field, and as of 2014 only 18% of women were majoring in this field of study.  

“Our organization strives to get women involved at an earlier age to increase these numbers because the field should be closer to having an equal female to male ratio,” Diaz said. 

The student organization is currently working with the non-profit organization Girl Scouts who are helping them acquire a $20,000 grant from the Ford STE(A)M project. 

This grant will benefit ACM-W’s success with mentoring young women as they will be able to provide materials for them and give them more hands-on opportunities. 

A message from Vice President Mahjabin Haque   

On October 7th, ACM-W volunteered at a Black Girls Code workshop, mentoring young women and helping them understand that Computer Science is for them and they are not limited to jobs outside of science. 

“We not only want them to have fun but to start diversifying classrooms, acquire better representation and to close the female to male wage gap,” says Diaz. 

According to salary database Comparably, women under the age of 25 in the field of Computer Science earn 29 percent less than males the same age. 

ACM-W’s Public Relations Advisor Anu Anne John says you should go into an interview not knowing what to expect but has a tip from her own experiences. 

“The questions that you’ll be asked will sometimes be hands-on related, behavioral based or just broad aspect questions, regardless you want to answer confidently, eagerly and knowledgeably,” said John. 

Leaders of ACM-W express to their new members and women everywhere who are majoring in Computer Science or transferring their majors to this should not worry about what an employer would think if they have no experience in the field. 

ACM-W Secretary Swetha Chenna says this is what the internships are intended to accomplish. 

“Many Computer Science internships look for people who have no experience so that they can mold you into the employee that they want in their company,” says Chenna “so don’t feel discouraged and not attend a career fair because of your experience, continue to add to your resume and hand them out.” 

ACM-W will have monthly meetings in the STEM Commons. To keep up-to-date with the organization click here 

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