"Dancing eliminates the stress through mind and body, especially on days like Fridays where you’ve had a high-energy week, and you just want move to the music,"
Swing Club Dancers. Photo by Mike Tokarz

Finals week usually has college students shaking in their boots but now they have the option to shake the stress off, literally.  

This semester, in an attempt to combat adverse stress effects, Wayne State’s Mort Harris Fitness and Recreation Center is holding a Fitness Dance Party with fitness expert and dance instructor Danielle Brown (who goes by the moniker Dani B).

“I don’t deal with stress very well, especially when it has anything to do with tests,” junior business major Clarice Miller said. “I’m not going to lie and say that I’ve never shed a tear or two over important tests like finals.”

These dance sessions are specifically targeted towards female students and staff who want to decompress and let go of their stress by way of motion and exercise.

Brown, who named her class the ‘Whine’d Up Experience,’ says the main objective is to let loose, relax and most importantly, sweat.

“The WUE consist of step-by-step body movement, chair exercises and floor regiments, after which you’ll be dripping with tons of sweat,” Brown said. “That’s when you blow off the most steam. If you don’t sweat, it’s not working.”

For those who think dancing is a silly or ineffective way to relieve stress, Brown wholly disagrees.

“Dancing definitely does relieve stress!” Brown said. “Those days when everything is going on in your own personal lane, when you’re figuring out life plans and adapting to new changes, dancing eliminates the stress through mind and body, especially on days like Fridays where you’ve had a high-energy week, and you just want move to the music. The happiness that surrounds you keeps you elevated for days.”

WUE with Dani B will be held Dec. 8 on floors two and three of the Mort Harris Recreation and Fitness Center in Gullen Mall from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. To attend the experience the cost is $8 for advanced registrations and $10 at the door.

“So far, 35 students have registered for the event, but we would love to have 100,” personal trainer and group fitness instructor Sherrian Greenwood said. “Generally, our weekly Zumba classes get a taste of the WUE with a song or two. We’re excited to have a full session dedicated to this unique style of sexy dance and stress relief.”

Vendors from various fitness organizations and companies will be at the WUE.

While the event is only for women and female students and staff, WSU has other opportunities for students of all genders to participate in dance and fitness both before, during, and after finals week.

For instance, the WSU Swing Club is open to males as well as females and teaches members the ins and outs of the swing dance style.

“By teaching people who want to learn how to swing dance, they provide an entertaining, stress free environment for students,” sophomore and African-American studies major Mari Rinotti said. “I love the classes, and it really lets me forget whatever might be stressing me out. My boyfriend likes it too.”

WSU Swing Club meets in the Student Center every Monday at 7 p.m.

Additionally, students still have time to register for classes like DNC 2400 Introduction to African Dance and DNC 2000 Introduction to World Dance in the Winter.

For more information about the WUE, please contact Carole Gist at 3135779843 or carole.gist@wayne.edu.

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