Student Senate met on June 20 in Hilberry A/B in the Student Center and passed two resolutions.

The Senate created a new pilot program that gives students a stipend for printing.

According to the resolution, 1,000 OneCards will be purchased — each with $5 in OneCard Dollars preloaded on to them. These cards will allow students to use the public printers at WSU.

The Senate will use $6,200 to establish and fund the program for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Senate President Stuart Baum said him and other members conducted research regarding how many students utilize their OneCards for printing purposes. Through the Senate's research, they were able to create the $5 stipend for students.

“Many students might not have access to a printer or they have to spend money to print and it can be inconvenient or a financial burden,” Huessein Bazzi, senator at large member, said. “Stuart reached out to a few people, and we were sent numbers of the amount of students that use to print and things like that.”

The OneCards will be distributed through a partnership with The W Food Pantry and at various events throughout the year, according to the resolution.

Provision of syllabi and course information

Senate passed another resolution regarding the lack of information students have prior to registering for classes.

The resolution calls for past and current class syllabi to made available on Canvas or the college department’s website. The resolution recommends WSU to create a tool for students that gives an extended description of courses on the university’s registration platforms.

“Students face a significant problem when the lack of information they have access to prior to registering for courses,” the resolution states. “As a result of this lack of pre-registration course information, students are unaware of the workload and rigor demanded of the courses they register for.”

“When we sign up for classes, we only get one or two sentences (describing the class). This helps students to know what they’re getting into before signing up,” said Marcella Eid, senate director of public relations.

This policy will help students gain insight to what to expect from the course, according to the resolution.

Christina Woodward, law school representative, asked why this resolution would only be on a voluntary basis.

Eid said some faculty was concerned about this resolution because syllabi can be considered intellectual property. For this resolution to be passed, the Senate needed to make this policy on a voluntary basis for faculty, Eid said.

“What this will create is you will faculty who are student government and care about informing students about certain things when doing this,” Baum said. “They’ll realize that’s a sign why students will take their class and not others.”

Other things discussed at the meeting:

The Senate plans on creating an advising survey for students that will asses their thoughts on advising and how to improve it

Student Senate wants to implement an advising representative seat to help ameliorate issues students have with advising

WSU is starting to become more eco-friendly by using biodegradable forks, knives, cups and plates during university-wide events such as FestiFall, said Dean of Students David Strauss

Editor’s note: Strauss is a member of The South End’s publication board

The next Student Senate meeting will be on July 18 at 6 Hilberry B of the Student Center.

Slone Terranella is the editor-in-chief of The South End. She can be reached at 

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