“Recycling is not a hard task to do, it’s actually quite easy. Throwing away trash has a tremendous effect on the environment,"

Wayne State students may have noticed the green and gold recycling bins on campus. 

WSU currently uses a program where recyclables are picked up and sorted at a recycling facility to later be made into new items. WSU’s waste and recycling service provider, Advanced Disposal, outlines the waste stream process in its recycling diagram.

WSU students should expect to see more recycling bins in their living areas by fall 2017.

Student Senate Housing and Residential Life Representative Giselle Gaitan said WSU is working with campus housing to place more receptacles in residential areas. She said they recently ordered an additional 60 recycling bins assigned for designated areas.

Gaitan is one among many at WSU who are passionate about the environment.

“Recycling is not a hard task to do, it’s actually quite easy. Throwing away trash has a tremendous effect on the environment,” Gaitan said.

Student recycling habits were noticed by seven-year WSU custodian Jerome Moulden.

“Some of the students do put the items in the recycling bins, some students ask where the recycling bins are so they can put the proper items in the right place and some of them just don’t do it all," he said. "But there are students that do care about the recycling program. I think the recycling program is under control, it’s more up to the students to know where the recycling bins are."

Daryl Pierson, sustainability coordinator for the Office of Campus Sustainability, said WSU recycled 552 tons of cardboard, 165 tons of paper, 17 tons of plastic, 16 tons of aluminum and 34 tons of scrap metal last year.

In January alone, WSU has already recycled 14.96 tons of paper, 50.06 tons of cardboard and 1.51 tons of plastic and aluminum in total, according to an Advanced Disposal recycling report.

Recycling bins can be seen all over WSU’s main campus. From Woodward to the John C. Lodge service drive, the OCS provides a list with of over 50 buildings that host these green and gold bins.

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