“If we can do anything in our lifespan that helps people out, then why shouldn’t we do it?”
Sarah Rahal

Wayne State’s chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta is hosting the Gift of Life Campus Challenge for the sixth year in a row.

The challenge is a six-week competition between Michigan universities registering students, staff and community members to the Michigan Organ Donor Registry.

“Gift of Life recovers more than 900 organs every year for transplantation from 300 or more donors, saving hundreds of lives. Bone, skin and other tissue also are recovered, helping to significantly improve the lives of thousands of seriously injured and sick recipients,” according to the Gift of Life website.

“Each organ donor can save up to eight lives and each tissue donor can improve the lives of up to 50 people."

This year’s challenge dedicates all registered donors to Sgt. Collin Rose, the WSU police officer killed in the line of duty in November 2016. Sgt. Rose was a registered organ donor and his final act of service saved and improved the lives of up to 70 people through organ and tissue donation.

Gift of Life volunteer and AGD activities coordinator Alyssa Krieger said the sorority updates the department on the number of registered donors. On Jan. 26, AGD reached 128 donors, which was Sgt. Rose’s badge number.

“Doing this in Collin’s name, I think it’s a great idea by the organization. I thought it was a great gesture on their part,” said Lt. David Scott of the WSU Police Department.

WSU has defended its winning title for the past five years, registering 3,500 organ donors since 2012.

“I am proud that we have held on to it for so long,” Krieger said.

Krieger said this is her second year participating with AGD in the Gift of Life challenge and her third year volunteering independently.

She said she started volunteering in in honor of her father who passed away when she was 16. She speaks at events, health expos and other schools, sharing her story and encouraging others to register.

“I just share my story in the hopes that people will donate,” said Krieger. “Everybody I met through the organ donor community is just so inspiring and are so grateful, whether it is the donor family or recipient, especially the recipients, because they feel they have a second chance at life.”

AGD registered 506 donors last year dedicated to Rebecca Butler, a WSU student who lost her life while awaiting a lung transplant.

“The need for organs is huge in the state of Michigan and in other countries and if someone dies before their time, they no longer have a need for those organs,” said Lt. Scott. “You can certainly change someone else’s life; not just their life, it's their family's life, too. That’s the reason why I became an organ donor.

The challenge continues until Feb. 22. WSU organizations are hosting tables in the Student Center for students to register as organ donors. Krieger said students need to bring their driver’s license to register.

Lt. Scott said that Sgt. Rose’s fiancé, Nicole Salgot, asked that every member of WSPD consider membership in the challenge.

“If we can do anything in our lifespan that helps people out, then why shouldn’t we do it?” said Lt. Scott.

For more information, visit the Gift of Life website.

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