"I believe the EAA makes students buckle down and take things more seriously,”

The new semester has begun which means it’s time for Early Academic Assessment (EAA). At the start of the third week of the fall and winter semesters, Wayne State University professors administer Early Academic Assessments, a tool the university put into practice in Winter 2016 to assist undergraduate students taking courses below the 4000 level.  

The EAA provides feedback to students regarding their academic performances in the classes they’re enrolled in. If students perform at or below a C-, the university is required to send them an email, informing them that they are not performing at a satisfactory level.  

What resources are available to assist students?

In the email, WSU informs students of on-campus resources that can assist them in achieving better grades in their courses. Instructors can be a great resource to use throughout the semester. They may know exactly what students can do to be successful, and are knowledgeable of course material. Academic advising and counseling can also help those struggling in a course. 

The university also offers the “Let’s Talk” counseling program that is available to all students. In addition, Student Disability Services (SDS) can assist those with learning or physical disabilities that may hinder success in the classroom.

How do students and faculty feel about the EAA?

Sujata Dave, a junior and pre-psychology student, said, “I really like the Early Academic Assessment. It helps students realize early in the semester that they need to focus and ask help from teachers and other resources if they are having trouble.”

Suraiya Matin, a freshman and pre-pharmacy student, is not as fond of the program. She said, “The Early Academic Assessment judges a student’s performance too early in the semester. I received a letter from them last semester, but ended up getting a high B in the class.”  

Dr. Kimmerly Piper-Aiken, head of the broadcast journalism program at WSU said, “I give my students one quiz before the assessment, which is worth 15 percent of their grade. I inform them that this is the quiz that I will be assessing them on. If the student fails the quiz, I believe the EAA makes students buckle down and take things more seriously.”

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