“Our goal is to unite students of all pre-health fields so that we can support one another in our endeavors and provide the rest of the WSU student population with opportunities and events that cater to the various pre-health track needs,”

Delta Epsilon Mu, a pre-health fraternity, founded their WSU chapter in 2015. In their first year at WSU, they have already worked to make an impact on campus and in the community.

Junior economics major and DEM Public Relations Committee member Pranit Sunkara said DEM was founded at Binghamton University in 1996. Since then, DEM has spread nationwide.

“Our goal is to unite students of all pre-health fields so that we can support one another in our endeavors and provide the rest of the WSU student population with opportunities and events that cater to the various pre-health track needs,” senior biological sciences and DEM President Bhavana Tetali said. “We currently have three chapter alumni and 27 returning active [members].“

Tetali said being a member of DEM means being part of a community that she can count on, both now and in the future. She said DEM members strive to make a lasting mark on WSU, as well as pursue their own personal career goals.

“As a first year Greek organization, we used this year to primarily establish our presence on campus,” Tetali said. “Some of our larger events included partnering with a student organization at WSUSOM to host a campus-wide Clinical Skills Night and organizing mock interviews for several graduate and professional programs.”

Sunkara said DEM has also been heavily involved with pre-health initiatives in Detroit.

“One of the main service events we had this year was with Red Cross and their blood drive on Wayne State's campus,” he said. “It turned out to be a successful event and we were proud to be a part of it.”

In addition, Sunkara said DEM aims to become the premier pre-health organization at WSU.

Tetali said their plans involve recruiting in the upcoming fall semester, organizing health-oriented service events that are open for the entire campus to participate, coordinating mock interviews and hosting an event with the DEM chapter in Chicago.

“DEM places a lot of emphasis on character building, organizational skills and teamwork that will help you prepare for your career,” Sunkara said. “The support you have during the [rushing] process and as an active member is unparalleled compared to other pre-health organizations because of the close-knit community that we intentionally construct.”

He said DEM will help pre-med students become involved on campus throughout their undergraduate career.

“If you are a student interested in a healthcare career, Delta Epsilon Mu is definitely the right Greek organization for you to look into,” Tetali said. “We have diverse [members] with numerous experiences and opportunities that they are eager to share.”

Sunkara said DEM also supports commuters at WSU.

“If you are a commuter, then you know that attending this university doesn't allow for much on-campus interaction with fellow students compared to students who do live on campus,” he said. “We have commuters in our organization that are glad they joined the fraternity because they got to meet like-minded individuals with similar goals and careers.”

For any questions or more information about DEM and fall 2016 Rush, email DEM.WSUDOP@gmail.com.

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