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Broadcast from the heart of Detroit, the Today@Wayne Podcast presents insightful interviews with Wayne State University administrators, faculty, staff and other experts about the news, research and issues that most impact our campus, our city and our country. Hosted by Darrell Dawsey, the podcast airs weekly.

In this episode:

In its inaugural show, the Today@Wayne Podcast welcomes Wayne State University Police Department chief Anthony Holt. Widely respected for his progressive approach to law enforcement, Holt talks with host Darrell Dawsey about the critical importance of community policing and explains why WSUPD has become a leader in de-escalation training.

A career law enforcement officer, Chief Anthony Holt has earned notice since become chief of WSUPD for his deep commitment to community policing and law enforcement accountability. Holt helped WSU establish itself as a leader in de-escalation training and recently opened the headquarters of the National De-Escalation Training Center on Wayne State's campus.

Episode notes:

One of the leading voices on the economic and social issues impacting Detroit, Peter Hammer joins the Today@Wayne Podcast for a powerful discussion about the growing number of voter restriction bills popping up around the country, including in Michigan, and the threat they pose to the future of voting rights for the most disenfranchised Americans.


Anthony Holt, current WSU Chief of Police, has held several positions within the university's police department since he joined the force as a police officer in 1977. He rose through the ranks to sergeant, lieutenant, captain and now chief during a career spanning more than 30 years. He is a graduate of the Wayne State University Criminal Justice Program.

Additional resources:

Learn about the National De-Escalation Training Center. Read more of Chief Holt's thoughts about community policing, de-escalation and the future of law enforcement.


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