On March 17, 2023 the Wayne State University School of Medicine Class of 2023 medical students learned the site of their upcoming residency training at the annual Match Day ceremony. The event mirrors national Match Day events scheduled on the same day throughout the country. Sealed envelopes containing all U.S. medical students’ graduate medical education assignments, including specialty and location of residency, were delivered and opened simultaneously, following the traditional protocol of the National Residency Matching Program, established in 1952.

This year, 266 Wayne State University medical student seniors participated in the match, with an unprecedented match success rate of 100%, one of the highest in the nation.

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About Wayne State University: Wayne State University (WSU) is a public research university located in Detroit, Michigan. Founded in 1868, WSU consists of 13 schools and colleges offering more than 350 programs to nearly 25,000 graduate and undergraduate students from 70 countries. Wayne State University is Michigan's third-largest university and the only public, urban research university in the state. The WSU main campus encompasses 203 acres, linking more than 100 education and research buildings in the heart of Detroit. The university’s seven residence halls and apartments put Warriors within walking distance of shops, businesses, restaurants, theatres and attractions in one of the nation’s most exciting cities. Wayne State University, in alliance with Michigan State University and the University of Michigan, is part of Michigan’s University Research Corridor, responsible for $2.7 billion in research and development spending annually. The URC is one of the nation’s top research clusters and the engine for innovation in Michigan and the Great Lakes region, increasing economic prosperity and connecting Michigan to the world. In 2019, URC universities contributed a $19.3 billion net economic impact in Michigan. Connect with Wayne State University online: Visit the Wayne State University WEBSITE: https://go.wayne.edu/surprise Like Wayne State University on FACEBOOK: https://go.wayne.edu/follow-facebook: Follow Wayne State University on TWITTER: https://go.wayne.edu/follow-twitter Follow Wayne State University on INSTAGRAM: https://go.wayne.edu/follow-instagram

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