Discover what becoming a Warrior M.D. really means.

During our virtual Second Look Day, you will hear how "urban clinical excellence" is the core to our community — it's a passion for delivering hands-on experience and compassionate care in the largest city in Michigan.

Hear and learn about our:

Curriculum: Key curriculum updates, innovative courses you will experience and overall approach to academic programs

Teaching and Learning Resources: Resources and strategies to help you be successful in your learning experience

Financial Aid: Important financial aid information you need and managing federal aid disbursements

Student Experience: First-hand look into being a medical student at WSUSOM, your life in Detroit and in the community

If you have questions, please contact us at or call 313-577-1466. We look forward to showing you what urban clinical excellence means to us!


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Wayne State University, in alliance with Michigan State University and the University of Michigan, is part of Michigan’s University Research Corridor, responsible for $2.15 billion in research and development spending in fiscal year 2015. The URC is one of the nation’s top research clusters and the engine for innovation in Michigan and the Great Lakes region, increasing economic prosperity and connecting Michigan to the world.

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